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Jackson is there. Here's a throw geigo tagging. Put it Jackson ended up getting the new hip in ninety two. He surprised in the sports world in ninety three by returning to the sex and helping them make it to the playoffs. That's an April moment in sports history on Jack schmierer, and you're listening to rid. The nationwide strike of Poland's teaches entered it sink and week with the government saying it has do more funds to meet that pay two months of two offering generous benefits to various other groups the teaches onto mounting a thirty percent raise this year, saying the unless the case can she put the right wing government says it has only enough money for half that amount and refuses to discuss anything more. It has been paying generous benefits to its traditional groups of bankas, large families and pensioners. However, the majority of Poland's hundreds of thousands of teachers continue to strike idling schools and kindergartens and making parents of small children bring them along to work or leave with Graceland isn't moving from Memphis anytime soon, the head of the company that controls. Graceland says he's not threatening to move the tourist attraction centered on the life of singer Elvis Presley the confusion came after Graceland holdings, managing partner was. Quoted in a story by the Wall Street Journal, or he said he's received offers to move everything to another spot, including spots in Asia or Nashville, some fans and social media posts interpreted, the statement as a threat to move, but Graceland has not sought out offers to move and simply will not expand. If an expansion plan is not approved by the council in an upcoming vote. The Memphis city councils considering a hundred million dollar expansion plan at Graceland. That includes a proposal for text based incentives. Treasures have been salvaged from Notre Dom. I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news. Fire crews in Paris continue to work through the night, attacking the fire that ravaged much of the Notre Dame cathedral. But the mayor of Paris has just announced most artworks and religious relics were safely removed. President Trump in Minnesota expressed his concern. It's about of our. Growing.

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