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Sean. Stacking them monogram with my partner picks right real money Kramer. What's happening cream dog sean? Yes we need to get back on video I just. I'm the only one that gets to enjoy you. Throw in that fist pump. Yeah I'm Things are going man. We're making sports. What actually happen. Content is Sean Sean Stack in the money. Green and Ryan real money. Kramer just just gave you a four hour and twenty minute marathon draft coverage of I mean. Can you believe how hour and twenty minute livestream joining us in studio the expert on? Long Broadcast Kobe. Dan Dante's never gone was even impress. These like four hours. I was like wait. They're not going around to once again to keep going come on Patsy blackout like ninety minutes in and then add on another hour don't we? Why is the college experience not doing round two and three they pick up where we left off say? Espn two right. And so would I be. Would I be sad to have another excuse to hide in in the garage and watch the entire especially with Cova going on right? Yeah the key is we're creating content so we can avoid are a family and loved ones by working. No it's awesome and the the livestream was great. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. Thanks everyone called in. My Dad and my uncle came in whatever show what happened to the. Eagles fans well technical difficulties are I think I think one actually had to work and then the other one when he found out my dad and my uncle were calling. He's he's conceded the floor to my dad my uncle and would rather watch them. Caller that actually calling in because he knew it would be entertainment. And of course we didn't have it on the draft prompt sheet. But if you would've taken the over technical difficulties For my dad and my uncle wrong then them to figuring out a live video stream. My uncle filmed is remote in the floor for a good portion of the of the draft. I and I stay tuned. We have to pull the video sean because I think the highlight of the whole night for me. Two things watching your disappointment as the eagles didn't get CD Lehem allowing the cowboys to get cd-rom. You did get your guy. You looked at as a personal draft. Nick like feather in your cap. You Shocked Walter. Football with your pick on the mock draft episode and then. It turned out to be true. That's GonNa make you feel pretty good. I can see your chest as puffing out right now. But by highlight of the whole night was when Joe Judge Dave gettleman executed the flawless plan. I got to experience it with writers. Contributors Steve Shurmur Anzac Bronner. I stood up to show my commitment to this giant. The best was jets. Took the bust. Pick by the jets. You you hate it more than me but Gettleman with that mask on hilarious absolutely hilarious and for news. The only one who had gone after the fact just in case he understands how the masks work he knows. That computers can get viruses. You wanted to make sure is virus but Geico van from his laptop. You never know what these kids download these days but more importantly I mean the NFL draft NFL draft is fun but the NFL doesn't start play for another five months. Yeah hopefully we have a we.

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