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To the game though be sure to tune in wtmj alright you will remember this story from a couple of weeks ago it was that friday afternoon while the tosa police receive a call from mayfair mall security but four thirty thirty requesting police assistance so that tells you what's going on the security people have to call the cops so they call the police they say here's what's happened we've got five males five young men inside the mall they are creating a disturbance they are acting disorderly come and help us so what happens is the police respond to that call one of the officers on the scene sees several of these young men in the parking lot and there is a video of this you've got the mall surveillance films parking lot the officer gets out of his vehicle the the guys are running through the parking lot he tries to speak with them you know to see hey what's going on here the kids refused to stop they start running away the officer kinda comes up and is able to to grab one of the males who is again running he's refusing to stop at that point in time time the suspect begins to fight with the officer and then there's the second cell phone video that somebody else in the parking lot took and and maybe you can see it like a mall security guy kinda grabs the guy and sorta holds him and the police officer is struggling with him and the police officer throws a forearm and that that's the thirteenth second video that was caught on cell phone video and then there's the larger thing of of the mall so that the kid is taken into custody for arrest disorderly conduct you have some of the usual suspects or screaming police brutality etc etc okay so that is now hanging fire well into this wade's the mother of of the kit and here's the story is reported in the journal sentinel mother of teen punched by tosa cop speaks out my fear turned into terror a mother's fear turned into terror upon learning the circumstances involved in her son's arrest in an incident was captured on a cell phone may eleventh at mayfair mall and went viral.

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