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Joe w. This is Ray Lucia show. Thank you. Thank you very much. Don't get too excited. Not yet. Lynn row is here. And cheese in a Downer. Ladies and gentlemen of the one talk show in America. That helps you make better money moves what up with you. Pat's is bad enough. California's leading the way on this the next week will vote on get this taxing you're texting texting not sexting texting. Let's ex name to him by five years come on get outta here. Yeah. Yeah. So if you don't want that coming near St. how am I gonna getting a charge of every tax? I get hundreds of texts every day. Oh, thank you. Oh, my Lord. Yeah. Well, this is California. What are you expect take a look around California? You don't think that they're just like they're gonna lead the way on this? If they're going to do it other states are gonna follow. So speaking of California Jeffrey Dunlap is from California. He's the bond king. He's managing one hundred and twenty billion dollars. He says his bearish on stocks and bonds brings to mind a couple of things one is the inverted yield curve that we've talked about before. And so I find this article here by principle. It's an interesting one. It's actually a little marketing piece, but I found it quite interesting in Vernon yield curve, and what it means for real estate investment trusts. How often Lynn have we talked about non correlating asset classes ad infinitum for many years. Set back folks, relax. We're gonna sit back folks. A little slow on the uptake there today. But that's our. Maybe somebody had to go to the little potty. It's possible texting. It's.

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