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Marshals service has begun transferring inmates from the D.C. jail to other federal facilities because of concerns about conditions at the jail So far 200 people have been transferred to a federal prison in louisburg Pennsylvania among other federal facilities Family members and advocates have been concerned about which inmates were being transferred and when The Marshall service has said it intends to move all of the approximately 400 inmates from the D.C. jail after a surprise inspection turned up a lengthy list of serious complaints including clogged toilets guards with holding food and water as punishment and other abuses A man's behind bars this weekend for armed robberies in Maryland Montgomery county detectives arrested 28 year old Israel edmondson Ramirez Friday night after his second hit Authorities say Ramirez entered a Capital One bank in burtonsville where he fired several rounds while demanding money just before fleeing During that investigation detectives were able to determine Ramirez was also a suspect for an armed robbery of a Bank of America in Wheaton Detectives were able to get and executed a search and seizure warrant at his residence Ramirez is being held without bond And a Virginia man has been sentenced to more than 17 years in prison for weapons charges and for threatening to kill a witness who was set to testify against him The U.S. attorney's office for the eastern district of Virginia's 5 time convicted felon 32 year old Adonis Marcus took pictures of himself holding a variety of firearms and then after his arrest during a traffic stop prosecutors say he spent the next 7 months making recorded calls threatening to kill a witness and her family members if she testified against him Perry's also accused of threatening to hurt or kill at least 5 of his 7 court appointed attorneys and even launched at one of them in the middle of a status hearing in federal court 9 22 Marilyn's governor is hosting a holiday open house Face mask required but no reservation needed to attend the holiday open House.

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