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Have you been doing that by the way i see you do that. Every time it's legitimate the only free money i know every time and he's like usually fine after his last already fucked up in the fifth but usually like two through six lights out. I just has no idea how to pitch. We almost have to do like a witch doctor or hypnotize him be like no no. No you already through the first thing like it's okay what school were scoreboards wrong. Just go out there. I mean like that's the only way to do it and the last thing for d._m. Sonny gray such an astle does lights out he doesn't he he hasn't yet. We knew this was going to happen. I know but it's actually happening. I mean woody of twenty three scoreless innings. It was broken up yesterday by a little bit and he pitched great. What a lot to the only thing that makes me know. Is i mean he was never going to work with the yankees but i almost just wish we got more for them because we have been able to tell their teams like look. He's gonna be unbelievable. The owners era in august is in four starts its point three eight jesus fucking dick wad and in those games strikeouts seven seven ten ten so that's the thing about him though that's why he's doing so. I didn't really know that much like i knew he was doing the streak going on since it cincinnati does no one no one's paying attention and that's why he went out in the running. That's like grateful midget. We'll say these starts in atlanta. The cops the cardinals and the padres meaning no slouches dick and he has a great run support he you know it's like if a kunia homers or whatever a cuneo homers and if he doesn't know what support sports stupid all right t._j. Let's let's cook with some d._m._z. Forego d._m.'s guy is real. Quick by indochino. Indochino.

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