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They haven't really improved within a division that's incredibly competitive. So last winter, they go out, they send Corey Seeger. They send Marcus Simeon and I think that this is really an organization trying to restart the franchise and announcing to its fan base. Look, we got elite players last winner. We got elite players this winner come and watch his play. Does that make sense? And look, you're in Texas. You got to go big, you know? You got to bring in some big names to bring in the fans. What I'm curious, what are the next moves for the rangers? Historically, they've never run a payroll over 200 million. So are they going to push that up to that tax threshold of two 33? So that gives them room to make a couple other significant moves. I think they could use another starter. They could use an outfielder. I think Corey Seeger without the shift is going to have a monster year. There's some studies that have shown no hitter has been hurt more by the shift than Corey Seeger. So I think you'll have a big year. Marcus semi in after that's terrible start was very good that the final four months. So we'll see, but they got to add more to really make this move payoff. It makes sense to me that although, you know, my sense was that Grom might have been willing to put himself on a platter to go to the braves, that in the end they weren't the team that spent that kind of money, Dave, because they don't really have to. They've got plenty of pitching. They're an excellent team. There are other ways to go for them other than to lay out an investment on a guy who's really injury prone. Yeah, the braves have more restraint than any other organization and they can do it because they've extended all their homegrown products or the extended metals. And they've never signed a free agent to a $100 million deal. They've given those contracts to their own players, but never do a free agent. So I don't think ever in the cards for the braves to give de Grom a 100 million plus contract. All right, let's talk about some of the other news that has been made in terms of guys moving from one team to another. Cold and long gets traded by the Milwaukee Brewers to the Seattle Mariners, the Mariners we know we're looking for another left handed hitter. They were looking for a second baseman. And Colton Wong is one of those guys. I think the perception is with the rules against defensive shifts, it only increases his value day because he's been one of the best second baseman in baseball. Yeah, he and he's added some power to his game, doesn't strike out. Just kind of a nice, solid all around player. I know his defensive metrics actually did drop off a little bit last year though. I guess I've read. He played through some leg injuries, but he's been at two time gold Glover in the past. Exactly what Seattle needed. Jesse winker from reports out of Seattle and kind of worn out his welcome there. But he had a great 2021 with the red, so the brewers are hoping for a bounce back from him. So to me, kind of a trade that makes sense for both teams. We get word over the weekend that Brian Reynolds, the center Fielder from the Pittsburgh pirates for the Pittsburgh pirates, his requested a trade. I spoke with some agents who thought this is kind of silly. They're feeling was and he turned down a big offer during earlier in this off season and he's requested tradeoff. I don't really get the point of requesting a trader letting letting that get out there. What do you think? Yeah, you know, look, this happens all the time in the NBA, right? Par for the course, we don't see this and MLB and no offense to Brian Reynolds, nice player. He was an all star in 2021 when he had his career year, but is he a good enough player to demand a trade buster? I don't know. It's a little bit of a weird situation. We all get what's going on in Pittsburgh, you know, he's got three more years of team control, so I don't know if you're the pirates, do you want this guy on your team? You know, he's a valuable player. You'll bring back a lot in a trade. If you want an unhappy player, I guess that's what Reynolds is hoping for that the pirates will just say, all right, we don't want you anymore if you're going to act like that. But if I know Ben Charrington, who's a general manager, the pirates, and I know that, you know, this world of modern analytics that we're in, the front office is typically we'll hear a request like that and be like, yeah, okay, whatever. Yeah. We don't care what you want, what you don't want. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not someone's willing to give the pirates what they're going to ask for. Which is a lot, given the, you know, the heightened need now for guys who can hit from the left side of the plate is Reynolds Ken and given the need for a center Fielder. I think the pirates are going to go, yeah, thanks for the input, we'll just see what kind of offer the, you know, the Toronto Blue Jays or some other team makes to us. Yeah, and I think don't you think the first domino here is Brandon nimmo signs. No doubt. He's the only center Fielder out there in free agency. So once he goes, then the interest in the demand for Reynolds will suddenly get a lot higher. So I think this will have to take a little time to play out. Yeah, I know the Yankees have talked about him in the past as well and maybe baron judge leaves. And the Yankees are left to pivot and do some other things. That potentially could be a way to go. You could build a build a an incredible shutdown outfield defense, which is in keeping with the Yankees direction recently.

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