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Tweets already buster bleacher tweets for a Wednesday, and as promised in our previous segment with Todd radham, here is our weekly quiz for you buster. You gotta be on the record for this one. Oh boy. So here we go. You try to get out of this too before we record. Let the listeners know here. All right, here's the question. Which team has the longest active winning streak of World Series games one? Is it a, the San Francisco Giants? B, the Cincinnati reds, C, the Chicago White Sox, or D, the Saint Louis Cardinals. Gotta be the reds. Winner winner chicken dinner buster. Wow. Wow. Didn't even blink. No hesitation. Now, now some there are some parts of my brain that don't work. That's one part of my brain that works. All right, well, hey, aren't you glad you did the question then? Yep. I didn't feel like a genius. How'd you guys do with that question? Not great. I'm so wrong. All right. Forgot that. Well, the order to the universe has been reestablished then. Absolutely. All right, let's go to the tweets. We got a whole batch from here. Pat Johnson at the melting pad is up first. Pat writes in on Thursday, my son, Arthur will be a year old, happy birthday. They Arthur. I think I have to thank the podcast crew for getting us through TV and COVID and late night feeds to make this about baseball who climbs from the seller first. My Phillies or Taylor's Orioles. Yeah, the Phillies. I don't think it's close, and by the way, pat, congratulations. That is actually a fun time and being a parent. But it's got to be the Phillies, because the Orioles have a ways to go. I keep on getting all the tweets from world fans who are like, you need to give the Orioles credit. I'm like, okay, you know, they're a little better, but that's like going from an F grade to a D I mean, they're still on a pace to win like 68 games. My buddy texted me a couple of days ago and was like, oh, the oils turn the corner. I'm like, they can just, you know, this is a bound to happen in baseball. You know, a couple stringing together. I mean, the bar was so low. Hey, we won more than 52 games. You know, we'll see. And the key question is, is as the team gets better and this talent that they've been collecting by tanking grows will ownership spend money the way that the cubs in the Astros did to augment it. That's the key question. Would you agree with me? Oh yeah. And I mean, when are we going to start seeing these young guys too? Right. They're all being held up in the miners, and it's incredibly frustrating to watch. Another one of my Friends has convinced me that all these guys are going to be good. So that's where my head is right now. Who knows how reasonable that is? Let's go to Ed at EF cade, maybe. My submission for bleacher tweets, having the cameraman on the field during the player celebration is a distraction thoughts. And they're not. I kind of like the up close and personal. And I know in some of the cameramen who have had that job, do we at duke and then we have Jared, great guys, players like it. I like it. And players aren't bothered by it. Andrew Campbell at real camp drew is up next, Andrew writes, and hey buster, it's become quite fun watching future all star Nestor Cortez just deal every 5 days. But the way the league's pitchers are ahead of the batters this year isn't as much fun, Major League Baseball's average is two 33, the league OPS 6 77 he threw in a barf emoji in there. Any way we can fix this. Yeah, I do think they will have some sort of regulation shifts next year. I hope they have some sort of a regulation. The use of relief pitchers, which I think is contributing this because you're seeing a parade of guys who are throwing 98 mph. And I agree with you about context being so important. And in Nestor Cortes is terrific and you see in a lot of great pitching stats, but it reminds me of the late 90s when everyone was hitting 30 homers. Like the feet of hitting 30 homers didn't feel quite as exciting because the context. Mike mosque at the mosque three is up next. Heim bloom's fingerprints are all over the Red Sox failure. He's constructed an aging rotation and an awful bullpen who's the closer he's alienating fans and destroying the Clubhouse by mishandling Bogart's contract. I think that's all correct. Well, and I'd say this. I mean, haim bloom is not alone in the decisions when it comes to paying Xander bogarts. That's an ownership decision, not heim's decision. He might give a recommendation, but in the end, it's up to ownership to decide whether or not they feel like keeping Xander bogarts is the centerpiece is worth it to the organization and as it meant saying the podcast, they damn well better reassess that because I think it's clearly having an effect on the team. Don Irvine writes in all 5 teams in the NLS or above 500, are they all that good or is this a fluke that will correct itself by the end of the season? Flu, I don't think there's any chance the rockies finish at 500. Danny norlander at DL norlander is up next. He writes in hey buster, the Nats are the second best team in total hits this year fourth and batting average, 9th in runs and RBI, but they're pitching as awful 29th and the ERA and whip any chance of a turnaround with the return of Strasbourg dolittle and Harvey by June and July. No, I think Mike Rizzo, their general managers demonstrated. He will be aggressive when it comes to flipping assets when he feels like that the Nats don't have a chance within the context of division led by the braves and the mets. I don't think they have a chance to contend this year. Last one for today, chief beef at Carl havoc. I love this Red Sox piling on makes me so happy. He writes in Xander bogarts, not being paid, has nothing to do with the bullpen not being able to hold and save games, same goes for the bottom of the order not being able to hit their way out of a paper bag. I don't know. I mean, I think it can be related to some degree because the offensive struggles. And it's possible that some of what's going on with the offense, you might be related to what happened with bogarts. And guess what? That's put more pressure on the pitching. And the pitching, you're right, has folded. So I do think that they're interconnected in some way. Already, that will do for bleacher tweets, hashtag bleacher tweets on Twitter while you're watching the games, please follow rate and review this podcast wherever you listen to your podcast and.

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