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On ESPN one thousand two first this update the only E. S. P. N. a cargo he's now in the store and Google play it was thought that this had enough fraction support to our past but it looks like you're the NFL's tabling the proposed fourth and fifteen onside kick alternative your number for this one yes we were we are going to tell me what about a little bit last week when they tell me I didn't like it but you know he he come around sometimes some people just have a tough time accepting change you know yeah you come around old curmudgeon it's difficult for them the proposed alternative two onside kicks was not passed by NFL owners at their virtual league meeting on Thursday Tom palace Cerro the NFL media reports that the proposal to allow teams try to for the fifteen from their own twenty five as a way to regain possession in lieu of an onside kick has been tabled there will be further discussion on the proposal in the future which did not even come up with what they need to come up for a formal vote writer yes they just table then all right PFT reported on Thursday some of the point of a but I think Merck and Merck and without mentioning something to me right as we were coming back the Belichick tweak has passed mark is that right Chris Chris knows more on that one he can draw three rule changes proposals that were approved here of okay one of them is made permanent expansion of the automatic replay reviews to include scoring slash turnovers negated by file so like so that means did this silly thing where the because the refs blew it dead right can't review it if that's gonna go away is that right right okay that's the way it sounds they expand the defenseless player protection for kick return and punt returners okay I don't know that really doesn't mean anything for anybody I think it was like in Canada where you can't just hit the guy you got it set new if you're there or you've got a haul off you gotta let him catch it you gotta let me get is what's bottom the only time it would matter to kickoff return I'm trying to think when it would matter to kickoff return hard like if they just tried to push one to a guy catch it you have to allow the catch it though could you run in front of me catch a ball hit in for cech so the smartest thing to do and that type of situation where they push the ball just fair catch the ball yeah right kick off you can you can do that right they can't touch anyways just catch boggle by your business and the third one prevents manipulation of the game clock on vault with multiple dead balls at all so this is about the bell check thing that Denver able use on him and then that's right and very full turn tables on as god it was great when he did it against the patriots in the playoffs in June and the mass right programming Bella check even he must've known right because even now it is he he basically said it one of the press conferences last year because listen if this is a rule we took advantage of it yeah we knew we were doing he he said not verbatim Belcher said it's probably something they should do next but until they do we're going to take advantage of it so that one is gone so a few things there we were actually hopeful for the fourth and fifteen I think that could have provided for some excitement it's a virtually impossible to recover onside kicks anymore so you're gonna we're definitely for that but that one gets tabled for now maybe it runs in a play a little bit less it is not being rejected put that right yes just able to put aside our winners I was reading something at Yahoo sports earlier today winners and losers in the proposed a return to the NHL season in their winter category they have the hawks and the Canadians and they write with tight playoff races in either conference you can understand why the NHL felt it would be fair to a lot more than just sixteen teams to compete for the Cup having said that most people probably would have been fine with twenty maybe even twenty two but including teams like the Blackhawks and Canadians the that's a bit of a stretch Chicago Montreal we're not going to make the playoffs sure we've seen some crazy finishes the regular season but the hawks have twelve games left to make up six points and jump for teams to make the second wild card the Canadians dug themselves an even deeper hole we all know why the NHL would want to do this when you cast the post season that wide enough to include Chicago Montreal you just added major markets to the league that would have not gotten out of the week would have not gotten excuse me in a normal season and you know what I'm okay with that we are too were biased for Chicago Blackhawks fans but as they started to put their brains together and they said okay well there were some tight races sixteens not enough let's make it twenty one not twenty two and then somebody was smart enough to say Hey if we make it twenty four we get at least you know three games of the Chicago market three games of the Montreal market is that whenever you want to go to yeah that's a brilliant idea I mean like are you that's of course you want to call home in Montreal and that it would be better for ratings course to the long time we've had a hockey you know hockey's been off the radar here in Chicago for an extended period of time they're also not that good so when they do come back and there's gonna be an empty stadium you're gonna hear every single stride the players make how many people coming back to hockey well hockey basketball back no we'll basically have a good what's that yeah what's going to happen what's bad I think that's the important thing to who ends up getting back first is going to get more eyeballs and nobody seems to be in a hurry to get back anytime soon either during the hawks run we know that the TV numbers not only here locally but for the network for NBC for the league were very very good while it's still could be argued that it's kind of a little bit of a fringe thing and not everybody's totally into it what we were experiencing was that during playoff time even the very casual hockey slash Blackhawk fan was turning on the TV to watch those games when they were making that cop run let's face it it was good for the league to have the Chicago Blackhawks have that type of resurgence and I think that's why the league even if it's three games and potentially more would be an even bigger boon for them that's why the league says yeah it makes a lot of sense to make sure we have Chicago because the TV ratings were good and they still have star power they've got names that are very recognizable when you can promote Kane in tapes and even Duncan Keith you've got names that are extremely recognize one I think that's why it's important it's kind of funny in this long list of winners and losers the hawks in Canadians end up later on one of the losers list because in a sense they're losers for having been sellers at the trade deadline your work I mean the hawks probably would like to still have robin liner and Corey Crawford going into these playoffs right they don't have a problem I traded in the debt like everybody looks at my child says can carry price get hot can they carry on that's the same thing you're asking I'm not asking about when I'm asked about Crawford came Crawford get hot and maybe win a couple series for the Blackhawks that's that's the question that's being asked a question I'm not asking about both of I'm just asking about the one and then you're injured players anybody going to be able to come back and they can I guess Calvin the Hondas yeah like peplum soccer mug right yesterday Callahan was playing well I mean that you know in that definitely altered their ability to be a better defensive team when he went down in late December and he was playing well he's twenty nine it was a guy in his prime who's getting more of an opportunity here and that was a very untimely injury that was a shoulder injury to something get Calvin de Haan back now that the season is going to stretch well into the summer maybe early fall that would be great rusty's in Crown Point on ESPN one thousand a rusty good afternoon afternoon are your call this you have a recipe for may's mechanical good to see what's up may the first thing I thought of when I heard the new owners Charlie Comiskey Charlie Comiskey is probably the most black hearted folder ever and quite possibly the template for ten days owner at Charlie treated his players like assets instead of millions what there be a black Sox scandal word Arnold Rothstein gotten any surprises here what the Sox have won the World Series with Joe Jackson be in the hall of fame what do you guys think I mean all good questions and I've see I love the movie eight men out and I'll be honest with you most of my historical context when it comes out is the move comes from movie I haven't read many books right you know I'm not that totally versed on what was happening I go off the movie you're come with you right yes Charlie Comiskey is painted in a very negative light remember they they clinched the pennant in these give them the flat champagne remember yes and then there was the bonus right you're right any why didn't dine he wined and dined the the media yeah sure they ate and drank very well marketed as players like absolute garbage but that was again all movie that was a movie in the and I don't know how historically accurate that was if it's true and you know we are you've heard legends of just how how frugal how cheap how miserably he treated his players who was then yeah that's bad and that's the way the most owners probably operated back then to be honest it was smart to butter up the media get him on your side and your players were your players were nothing more than interchangeable parts and you can try back then baseball controlled their rights forever there was a reverse a reserve clause read even if you're retired and you want to come out of retirement go play somewhere else you couldn't baseball and you and that's the way it was back then more your phone calls coming up three one two three three two three seven seven six for Carmen your co.

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