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Arizona, President Trump, Kirstin Cinema discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Yeah right here in arizona why do we care about well the question becomes the president's popularity and we've got a midterm election coming up here we also have not only congressional relate racists here in the state of arizona but we also are going to have a senate seat race and we've got several candidates on the right with our pyo kelli ward and martha mcsally we also have a special election coming up zona eighth coming up sharp and then we also on on the left for that senate seat you've got kirstin cinema and there has been some questions about whether or not this senate seat here in arizona could go to a democrat a democrat like kirstin cinema could we see that as a referendum on the president of the united states where people are looking at what happened in pennsylvania and using that kind of as their game plan winning this district by nearly twenty points and it appears the democrat connor lamb may come out on top democrats we also use lamm's campaign style as a blueprint for other areas where trump did well but democrats want to win in the midterm yeah listen connor lamb who i don't know wouldn't have been able to pick out of a lineup as of yesterday but understanding and looking at kind of where he's he stands he's hardly left wing he is moderate at best i put it this way connor lamb in many other places you would think was the republican candidate this is a guy who campaigned with fifteen in his hand at one point yeah not your whatever you want to think of who who are the boogeyman in not nancy pelosi thank you very much or bernie sanders.

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Arizona, President Trump, Kirstin Cinema discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show

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