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According to the daily caller chuck ross we have been telling reporters what i've been telling reporters is many stories about our investigation have been inaccurate be very cautious about any source that claims to have knowledge about our investigation dig deep into what they claim before reporting on it so it sounds like he's there slapping that muller is giving a slap to mcclatchy like hey dummies that's a dumb story but just to show you that the fever for this thing was unbelievable and everybody from the daily beast to everybody else was reporting it as as here it is cohen there's solid information and there was no solid information the very essence of what these people in the trump administration keeps saying fake news mcclatchy is a major major news organization they printed what appears to be a dumb story based on some somebody they believe but that gave him bad information it's fake news and i didn't see anything about it i didn't see apologies i didn't see anyone saying whoa watch out here it's just it just kind of fades away every two days there's another revelation about definite collusion in its printed in all the newspapers and then it is absolutely disproven and people say whoops and they don't even print a retraction they should all be ashamed every every one of these mainstream news organizations starting with the new york times and the washington post they should all have their head in their hands they're very silly i don't know whose reputation has taken a big hit in this modern era in the trump era the ma the mainstream media that is has that nobody trusts anymore or america's storied law enforcement and intelligence services they are buying large run by people who are bunch of gossiping hands he got nothing they got nothing an people complain about fox news it's so funny so funny much better operation we have here than most of people in the media i'll tell you that right now believe me believe me so i wanna talk about the supreme court and have a maybe a surprising opinion i wanna get your take on at eight three three eight five two four eight six six justice gorsuch has joined the supreme court liberals to strike down a deportation law this is a blow to the trump administration as reported by.

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