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Six eighty WCBS and W C D dot com are not necessarily those of the owners management, employers, and advertisers of WCBS, but they should be. Thirty seven. Twenty three minutes. Now before the six o'clock, we're still taking your calls and comments if you'd like to regarding shutting down the government. And again, there's one of our listeners, rob Fred texting into the show. There's a story on Breitbart about the prisoner killed someone hours after he was released wonder if he would have been one of the nonviolent offenders released under the left wing prison reform policy that the president supports. He supports parts of it. I mean, again, if you if you listen to the president carefully when he was announcing his support for the Bill he made there was a couple of asterisks moments in the men that announcement. But again, you gotta be careful in any kind of a prisoner reform Bill, which I have quoted the prisoner release Bill. It's five thirty seven twenty three before the hour, and whether or not you think the government should be shut down over the wall funding. I'd love to hear from you on that. And who's going to get blamed I think we all know with the media, and the Democrats, but the last shutdown the Schumer shutdown as it has been dubbed didn't go all that well for the Democrats. So maybe things are changing big win last night in Mississippi on they're still counting votes was a runoff election in Mississippi. President Trump congratulating Senator Cindy Hyde Smith. Quote on your big win in the great state of Mississippi. We're all very proud of you undergrowth in one thing is for sure. Again, and Twitter's out there with some headline that GOP narrowly defeats my guess, what was an eight point win fifty four to forty six. There's not a narrow, but that's how they were trying to couch this. But again, the GOP wasn't taking any chances in this particular case, and I'll tell you the significance of it in just a moment. But let me let me tell you what they what they committed in resources there. The president come into Mississippi twice to do rallies. You had the Republicans said more than one hundred operatives to the state to run a massive ground gained at turn out the vote and spent three million dollars on TV going after the democrat, former clintonistas, Mike Espy, so they wanted to make sure that they got that message across and they did so clearly going to need that kind of herculean effort in two thousand twenty now she becomes the first elected woman female Senator from the state of Mississippi. So this is an. Historic election in Mississippi. But it's not couched in those terms by the media. She was appointed to fill the seat of Thad Cochran. And of course, that's why she was the incumbent. But again, she'll have to this was a special election, and then I run off election and to run again two years from now in twenty twenty but the significance of this fifty third seat. And let me tell you why it is it is important it is crucial that no time was the majority ever in question. Because Republicans even if she lost would've had fifty two. But this is why at least in this session, and the lame duck session of congress that gives Mitch McConnell three votes to spare when it comes to confirming President Trump's judges, and that's right now, you don't have to worry about Collins, amber, Cal ski, although Collins did the right thing with just Justice Calvin all you don't have to worry about them. Murkowski, of course and flake who is. Valid now do not support any of the presence judicial nominees on his way out the door. Don't let it hit you on the backside there flake out. But now going forward in the new congress Democrats control the house, and that means that they're not going to really be any major legislation coming out of of congress over the next two years and Democrats aren't going to work with Republicans on this even on infrastructure. I doubt you'll find any kind of meaningful legislation. This will be love gridlock congress. The only thing they're going to be able to get done in the Senate because what you have right now you've got both bodies promising vowing to investigate the other. You gotta logic comings and Pelosi galore, and Adam Schiff and mad magazine all vowing the subpoenas are going to be flying all over they're going to be looking at a vodkas emails everything the president does will be under and the president saying all right? You wanna play that game? Will have the Senate investigate who was leaking classified information and everything that you do on the democrat side, we will investigate. So it's going to be gridlock. But can we accept that? So the only thing that is going to happen is the judicial nominations of the president are going to be advanced. That's the only thing the Senate really is going to be able to do over the next two years or so and with three votes now, here's only fifty Utai vote goes to vice president Pence, you can lose Collins, you can lose Murkowski, and you got another vote despair just in case. So you have that one you had that one vote with fifty one now with fifty three Frank you can lose some of these rhinos and not cave in to their demands. And get your nominees through free and clear, and that's about the only thing I think it's going to be able to do over the next couple of years. Well, as I said the other day, I mean, I thought this election was crucial just for that reason. For the the judgeships that are vacant right now. And we'll be vacant. And there could be in the very near future, depending on a lot of circumstances. Here. There may be another opportunity for President Trump to nominate a another supreme court Justice. So this three vote margin that the Republicans now enjoy actually it's almost like six votes because that the spread between what the Republicans have. And the Democrats have is six fifty three to forty seven. So this gives them a little bit more of a cushion. So that they don't have to. Worry about a couple of senators who are always uncertain just Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. So from that standpoint, I think it's most important and important to the point where. Whatever judges that the president is going to be able to get through are going to be obviously a conservative type. Judges can constitutionalists. That are going to be a point, and that's going to have a longer lasting effect here on this country than any two year term in congress or six year term in the Senate or even a four year term in the White House. Again, you can not the way Obama went about it and transforming America remember five days prior to the election in two thousand eight he said, we're just five days away from transforming this nation and the way he went about transforming it as we did the the stats as we were signing off yesterday. They are indeed Obama judges and drum judges or a living breathing changing constitution judges versus the can the construction is stored the originalist. However, you want to refer to these these judges, so yeah, you are going to see a lot more. And by the way, that this president and the first two years was term mortgages confirmed and just about any other president in history that is going to continue at a record pace. So we hopefully we'll get that through. But that's why it's so important. Meanwhile, a democrat is now on the verge of unseating an incumbent, California, Republican congressman this is three weeks after the election. And this is a democrat TJ Cox overtook an incumbent congressman David Dale was was up by almost six and a half points on election night. Curiously he crushed TJ Cox whose primary addressed by the ways in Bethesda, Maryland. During the primaries but a late ballot count Monday. Put Cox ahead by four hundred thirty six votes. So all of Orange County turned blue three weeks after the election. I don't think this is a Blue Wave this. This is blue fraud. This is what we have going on in California. And Matt Whitaker ought to get busy in the Justice department and start investigating the election irregularities. Immediately five forty five. Chuck Whitaker has the day off in sitting in this morning as mighty hunter. Thanks, good morning. Toronto county there's still some high water leftover on four fifty in both.

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