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First and then sit back, but since the intercept revealed the allegation, which quickly snowballed into absurd theatre in the following day's according to daily wire article in my hands. She said she felt she needed to come forward. Joining us now, our DC correspondent host of the Langar cast is our good friend Andrew linger. Good morning. Is there any part of you Andrew Langer that kind of goes, you know, what let's just go ahead and not make Cavanaugh the pick. And just let Trump go to his long lengthy list of conservative potential nominees and just bring somebody else forward. I mean there there is a possibility. I just I guess for me. I I keep coming back to this. Which is. We run a real danger in United States of you know, as we let this kind of these kinds of antics continue of really heading a dangerous precedent, which the best and brightest. Are completely turned off by the notion of getting involved with the highest levels of public service. Not not not that this is you know, poetry Monday. But William Butler Yeats very famous Irish poet wrote a poem called the second coming, and there's a standard that always stands out to me, which is the best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. And this is this is where we are. I mean, why would anybody of any character excuse me, go through this? You know, if you know at the last moment, someone can raise these allegations. And again, what gets me guys to some folks last week and the allegations against the allegations get up and this resonates with with your listeners, especially in what universe does a thirty five year old allegation potentially derail the supreme court nomination while Keith Ellison gets to sit as a member of congress and gets to remain the candidate for attorney general in Minnesota. Somebody needs to explain to me how that works. Well, and it needs to be pointed out again by comparison with the keys with the Keith Ellison allegations. This wasn't something that was brought about by somebody on the right? This woman. Karen Monaghan had been posting about this. For well. Over a year you go back to the end of last year. She had put up a Facebook post talking about this while not specifically naming Keith Ellison. You had a woman who pendant editorial. And there's also a record of nine one one call involving him. So I I am with you one hundred percent. And if and we mentioned this earlier, Andrew lying, or if the left had sort of been consistent and held the Keith Ellison accountable as they should have. Then maybe it would have put those of us on the right in this situation in a tougher spot to go. Well, you know, what we're taking all of these things seriously. But again, the fact that it is some thirty five years old and with everything that's tach to it. There's a massive question Mark on this particular accusation, certainly by comparison to the one against Keith Ellison, timing is bad. I mean, the Dianne Feinstein. Had had this for a very long time. This is certainly not the first time that cavenaugh has been nominated to to various various points on in our in our Justice system. Let me this could have come out at any time over the last decade or so and been relevant, but the fact that it was hung onto until this very key moment, very close to the midterms. There's absolutely going to be suspicion cast upon the motivations. And then you couple that with the the the length of time since this alleged incident took place the fact that everybody involved was drunk at the time, you know, it's just human nature. It's really hard to take it at face value. When you consider they were they were intoxicated, and so much time has passed that there's no way to be sure if her memory of that incident is completely and utterly accurate. Well, and then you get to this other guy who was involved Mark judge who is the person that this professor claims was also in the room and allegedly threw judge Cavanaugh off of her. And Mark judge categorically denies that the entire incident took place he doesn't he doesn't say that she's recollecting differently that there wasn't somebody else in the room. Categorically denies it. Which means, you know, this is not just a he said, it raises it to a different point of a he said she said situation because there is somebody who can apparently corroborate this, and he is unwilling to cooperate her story. And we haven't even substantiated that they knew each other. That they Iraq did ever. They went to different schools. Yes. They were contemporaries. But you know, I I mean, I have people that I out with from a lot of different high schools. I couldn't I couldn't tell you with any certainty somebody that I would have interacted with thirty five years ago who was two years younger than I am. I mean, it just this. This is a form of insanity that we have now entered and it's a very dangerous ground for our Republic. Breaking news happening right now, my my CNN app. It just notified me that the lawyer for this woman is says that she is willing to testify to to congress the lawyer debrincat's the lawyer for the woman accusing break Cavanaugh said that her client would be willing to testify in public to the Senate Judiciary committee. She said that on CNN just a little bit ago. Good tomorrow. That's fine. Let's do it. Let's let's let's let's put this woman up on. Yeah. Let's find out, you know. And look if it if it ends up that, you know, her story has merit and at the accusations have some degree of merit define. Like Jon said, we'll move on from from cavenaugh, and and Trump can nominate the next name on his list. Yes. Amy Barrett Komi, which would be fine. I just and there's another there's another this is just re tweeted to us apparently Christine Ford's parents were the defendants at a foreclosure case in Maryland in ninety six and the judge was none other than Brett Kavanagh's mother. So the. Even even more. So yeah, there's again, I I'm kind of being glib because I feel like there needs to there needs to be some type of stand taken in these circumstances. When it it does seem so blatant that this is a latch ditch effort to go and discredit cavenaugh. But I I'm almost split because there is a part of me that just yet. You know, what fine fine you want to go. And do that is this is this is another democrat nuclear option explosion. You want to blow it up fine. Then we'll go ahead, and we'll just we'll take we'll take Kavanagh's name out of consideration. We'll just grab the next on the list and just move right through with confirmation. Yeah. What did they think they can if they derail the cabinet nomination that Merrick garland gonna take the seat? Well, I mean there, you know, here here's what like a back to you know, I still I still see this. Yes, there is that aspect of it. Which is you know, again, you know, f- me. No, f you, you know, we can we can go. And but the reality is. Judge Cavanaugh will make an excellent supreme court Justice. And he's absolutely the kind of individual. I think you guys as well. I have never in my twenty five years of doing this. I have never come across a a nominee who is so universally appreciated love, but appreciated by everybody with whom he has come into contact, you know, in terms of his work environment. I e you you you when you work at the White House staff secretary of the president of the United States, you make enemies. This guy had made enemies and staff secretary of the president United States. Maybe maybe that's the problem. But in the end, it's not something that you'd ever disqualify somebody from being a supreme court Justice. Well, and you make it you you make an interesting point earlier in in that with with with with how nasty it all gets. Why would you want to move forward? And and and put yourself at risk like that. I mean, we we see that happen with with law enforcement, you know, and it's gotten a little bit better. But it's sorta the height of the anti cop narrative that was out there, you had people that just didn't want to go and become law enforcement officers because why would you wanna go in and deal with that? And if you if you take the if you say, these allegations aren't aren't true that it is just simply being done and and and brought up because they're trying to discredit him. If you're cavenaugh after having gone through everything that you've gone through being confirmed as drew said so many times. I'm sure there's a part of him gone. Is it is it is it worth is. It worth all this. I mean, I I know it's the supreme court, but for crying out loud and anybody else who's moving up through the ranks that well, I don't want to be a part of this. This is getting gross at ugly. Why would I want to put myself through this get yourself, but your fear family to also? Yeah. That's exactly it. Let's also remember that these are people. Right. I mean, you know. Yeah. Who was a lovely woman. And I've done a lot of work with the wife of supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas. She's still never quite recovered from Anita spurious allegations against her. Against sorry against her husband. You know, where it is still a very horrendous horrifying subject for her. And all I can imagine his into this guy. He goes on to family into his kids, and he has a very close relationship with his family and his kids. I mean, we have to remember that there's a very real humid cost associated with this. And and this is this is part and parcel of art discourse. Well, yeah, it's funny to if I can. Yeah. I got it. Here you want to look at the hypocrisy. Amy klobuchar tweeted out for any nominee, whether it's district court or any judge if a report like MS Ford's comes to light, I expect it to be seriously investigated by the FBI before we vote we thank her for coming forward and need witness interviews and report back also still need remaining documents. It's funny because I don't has that. How's that investigation going Keith Ellison pure curiosity? There's there's. Yeah. Let's trust the FBI to do a non-party fiercely. And besides remember, this is not anything that the federal government has anything to do with. I mean, if you wanna get the Montgomery County police department, you know, the I don't think the says that has its own police force, but but the Bethesda police department, I mean, again, this one has to remember where you know, what what houses took place in. So, you know, we're now talking about you know, it's gonna come back, and it's gonna they're gonna find out. She made she may believe that something happened that doesn't mean that something happened. Yeah. And you know, and I sort of revert to my I am always sceptical of people in the mental health world always thirty five years ago. And we've I mean, we've talked about it many times on the show. Just an injury mentioned it earlier, how your mind and your memory plays plays tricks on you. There was it was it was fascinating. Just the. The other day somebody popped up in in sort of family circle discussion. And there was a girl that I knew when I was young. I was probably I was probably around eighteen years old who I went to church with and I went online because I hadn't seen a picture of her like twenty years, and I had a mental image. I had a very very distinct mental image. What she looked like I found a picture of her didn't recognize her now being older because she's my age, and then I found a picture back from then didn't even look close to what my mental picture of the person that I remember from that time. Yeah. Yeah. These things you guys remember the situation a couple of years ago. I don't know if you guys this is in your wheelhouse. John because it was right after I wanna say it was right around the time. The force awakens came out. This is so stupid. But I'm going to bring it up. Anyway. My next door. Neighbor is one of my good friends growing up up. This cockamamie story about how I ruined The Empire Strikes back for him. It was so bizarre and jarring. And it was and it was it was a post that was designed to hurt me. And it was political in nature because I I was involved in the peace party movement at the time. I mean, this is the this is..

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