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And Darryl Morin. Maybe James Harden in Philly. We still need to start date for next year's no matter who's where 72 games. Starting December, 22nd were roughly 60 games starting on Martin Luther King Jr Day. Those are apparently the choices the athletic reporting that players will vote on this tomorrow or Friday. With many thinking that Christmas is inevitable. The union's been telling players that the league's TV partners might redo their deals without games around the holidays, costing the players money with the Ravens and Packers dealing with Corona virus. Right now, the NFL is expanding sideline space and strengthening mask requirement. Sidelines will now run between the 20 yard lines, giving teams more room to spread out. Players must now where mass for all pre imposed game interactions, including in the locker room, On the sideline. Players should be in masks should be not required to be in mass. If they're not playing at all. We're not about to enter the game in Baltimore linebackers Matthew Judah and Patrick Wiener among seven players considered high risk close contacts of Marlon Humphrey, so they'll miss practice all week, but should be able to play the Colts on Sunday. Had this's what I don't understand with us. We're the Ravens not huddling on Sunday. Were they not huddling next to each other in every defensive Siri's? How are not all 11 starters on defence considered in close contact? You're huddling every 30 seconds 11 of you together. Well, my guess is is that this is mostly from those little like ankle bracelets that they wear. So it's like who was sitting next to him in the locker room, or, you know, before the game on the field, I don't know how they would know for sure he was too close and too exposed deep inside. Don't always actually Have an offensive while they kind of stand around and somebody yells something, and they go their separate ways, But but I I see your point. And I don't understand the science behind who was higher risk. But my guess is those little bracelets with ones is what they lean on in the situation. I think that the way that The medical community, the coaches Football the league itself College football has addressed. This is We believe or we are worried about your interaction before the game and at once the game happens, all bets are off. And we don't even worry about that. Because Forget even huddling up. How can you say everybody has been in close contact? If you've been on the field with him, and you wrapped up the same tackler? What happens if you're in the same pile with the guy? Whatever your standing with the guy on the sideline? It's not like they're going through footage saying Well, you were involved in seven tackles with this guy, so we're gonna make sure that you know your your distance. I think they just worry about up until Game day game day. All bets are off, and they restart that clock once game day is over. Yet to me that just seems like a save face by the NFL. It does. Maybe so. Although I have I have heard of scenarios where they did actually review the game film and see who you were standing with on the sidelines. Stuff like that, So they at certain point whether it's college of the NFL teams have Investigated that like who you were around at different times of the game. So there is that as well. Packers running back Jamal Williams is also high risk contact he of a J. Dylan so he misses there's football with the Niners as well. And Aaron Jones remains in down with this calf injury. So Aaron Rodgers might be handing off often to Dexter Williams. Six has a really good too. He's got a nice job. I'm just kind of growing up in the offense and feeling more comfortable with the checks and This responsibility is past walking and running, but that might be great. But Williams is only dressed once this season. Any carry tomorrow. We his first off the season one starting done for Ben DeNucci, Garrett, Gilbert and Cooper. Rush will compete during practice this week to start for the Cowboys against the Steelers on Sunday. Andy Dalton's out again, but not because of his concussion. Dalton when it On the Koven list. Yes. This Yes, that Auntie doll cannot catch a break. I mean, he signed to the Cowboys. We think he'll never see the light of day because Dak Prescott is always healthy. Dak Prescott happens to get injured for the season. Golden finally gets his chance, and then immediately gets a concussion. So he's out. Then he's clear for the concussion, and then he gets Cove it. I mean, it's like the guy. We never thought who's going to play anyway. Then he had a chance to save the season of a playoff caliber team and is not allowed to go back in for multiple weeks as the season slips away, Just crazy karma there. Although we should say I don't know that he actually tested positive for covert. He might be on the list for exposure to somebody else. That could be anybody his family So yeah, like that's even bad, I guess. Worst luck is that somebody around him? Maybe have put him in the situation. But either way he's out for this weekend, no matter what, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said yesterday. Trevor Laurence will be with them Saturday at Notre Dame, even though we can't play Lawrence, apparently feeling well, so his isolation will be done by the weekend, but he doesn't have enough time to clear. The C sees cardiovascular screening before returning to play and baseball handed out its gold gloves last night, while no one was looking at you that's won his fifth in a row, his first of the Dodgers. Obviously, winners were picked this year by just a group of metrics base because of the shorter season. No managers or players voted like usual. D a back to you. Thank you. Bogue's John Tweets. India Reason number 1,089,044 where you guys are the best morning. Show out that you don't remind us with circus going on right now. It's strictly sports and I love it. Hashtag best show around, John. I appreciate the love and yes, this is not going to a place where you get political commentary. This is a place where this is an escape from all of the stuff that is happening currently happened last night, etcetera. So fear not were strictly sports all morning long because we know you need it when you come back when we come back on the show will pronounce words of the anatomy and we will also have This dated mothership history. What do you think?.

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