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Thank you in the eyes the morning show the timing new this is what time it this week jill yeah judge neil diamond i miss mr dimas via donald trump not yet not yet sugar very soon lap of our guest today israel with our guest by the way boon who who you heard laugh his name is we're not all maryadi it was a federal prosecutor for over nine years before he joined thompson coal burn l l t as a partner so he's a very very uh prolific prosecutor and he's an analyst she on cnn center at center and in print renato maryadi good morning to thank you for appearing on the ibis the morning show with bernie it said good morning how are you manage i'm doing well on doing wow running for a attorney general in illinois i understand nights right i i am minutes uh a big genes from being a legal prosecutor plenty of politics is the tough business right about that i would say but the you won't have any shortage of work nothing as attorney general in illinois sedans what the comments there's no we have a lot of bodies that all defensive tony's sub locally here we're not as some national but they've had some very very high profile cases sociopath joe tackle takeshita so and they look back on your resume folks who don't know you all that well what are the big cases that you've tried that that brought you to the day week maybe can be the ag in illinois sure so i was uh the first prosecutor in the country the convict a high frequency trader o of uh committing a crime uh so you know uh particularly type of manipulation of the market so ski milligan that type of thing where the i will literally highspeed computer trade at lightening fast be blink of an iihs uh it is a hard thing to explain to jerry that's for sure but it was a afb charles up against a new york law firm actually and uh you know it was uh a challenge will tell uh to uh get a conviction i'm but i got a conviction on all counts in uh i think about forty minutes or so he didn't worked on the road goya of its is to the gut revis prosecutor on that but uh a lot of i.

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