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The team at a meeting shows huge brass ones i come course azure yes while on any they can't step you think ballot check lights this i can't imagine how this would play kirk if jacksonville one and they almost did in the jaguars almost won that game it right he's home or is in costa rica in this things uh being released on super bowl sunday yeah he's laying is life would be over i mean he would be mocked in ridicule from coast to coast dna they they announced their release state before the jacksonville game i don't remember i wanna start looking filling one i don't know yeah i mean they might have also at your taxable one there were scrapped the whole concept now they would've played a later lately offseason there was scheduled it would have played you will look silly but i think he doesn't you you you bring these onto yourself when you release the documentary like that of supernote we you know it if if endorsed kate if he releases the movie this is never say if he doesn't really some you'll never said of course not right do you think she was in annoying little no i'm not just of caution carried oath what i appreciate you don't know how to explain this nobody now what person not alex alice went on the air my point carry if he if she re really was screenwriter ratty then you could say that lakewood will now you could make that case i'm not saying it's a good one who wins but i'm saying gary's defenses that brady's fault which is ridiculous sheets tickets for either video or adult like ilott yourself that people may find it just like it other than knowing that speech he gave my love to say that was annoying was aggravated us braille and aggravated me said that i said that friday but i think or whenever we talked about i think that heat the their relationship is probably different if that were my wife she would have said nothing she would have known i was seething but maybe tom likes that minute maybe maybe that's the way the way of the house will would you might be held on us she that episode or no her speech yes i view it that was it in the first witnesses were first at the source that ecevit insignificant new zealand gulu's car after again umbria once again i saw posthumous very supportive.

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