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Like, what's going on with the X defiant? What's going on with the heartland? What's going on? Where did go? What's going on with so many of these CBC? Where the fuck is roller champions? Oh my God. What happened to the pirate game called? That game's been announced for 20 years at this point. Dude, I swear like these, it's becoming like what Google does with their apps where they just try to experiment with a new thing and they go ah nah, that's not working out. We'll get rid of that. If you're entrenched in the entrenched entrenched. I like in drenched as well. If you're just if you're fully wet with Google sort of news and stuff, you'll see that that's how Google treats a lot of their apps that they try out and they say, oh, we're going to make a podcasting or we're going to do an app to kind of copy what Apple does and a lot of them just ultimately get thrown at toss aside because they just don't really concentrate on them anymore. Holy shit, we just rattled off like four or 5 titles that we don't have any answers for now. And I'm sure if we thought harder, we could rattle up probably 5 more, right? I think it's a symptom of ubisoft, like the UE soft ship, no pun intended, constantly moving and changing where the ubisoft announced beyond good and evil too. And even you thought that probably announced roller champions has gone through so many shake ups with their editorial team and how like a lot of people were exposed and a lot of people have left and gone and come back and all these things. Let alone business strategy changing. There was that the time where they delayed a bunch of their games because ghosts recon breakpoint didn't do well. That was kind of the final straw in terms of we got to get shit together. And so that's when they delayed immortals, Phoenix rising from the camels back. The straw that broke the camel's back. The camel that played bass, they deleted that they are not deleted. They delayed that and then delayed ghost recon nachos recon Rainbow Six quarantine at the time, now no one has extraction. And they change things a lot too. It feels like it feels like just a chaotic time at ubisoft. And I hope they get their shit together, right? They're a humongous corporation. They're a big, they're not an indie publisher. They are huge. And to see them kind of struggle for the last three to four years. It gives me concern because right now they have announced some big titles. They have Star Wars, right? They have avatar. And now they have splinter cell. They also have other things too. There's the Assassin's Creed free to play Assassin's Creed infinite thing that's in the works. They have a bunch of big things on the horizon, but this former UE soft gives me concern in terms of are they going to be able to knock that stuff out the park? I hope they are able to. And it's possible that all of these things just kind of come and go in ways because I remember when I got hired to kind of funny, we were talking about ubisoft on the upswing. And how Rainbow Six siege was this game that they dedicated time and love and resources to. And it found its footing, it found its audience, and suddenly there was this groundswell of support because they stuck with it and they made it right where at first it launched in a not so great state. And a lot of players weren't super happy with it, but it finally got to where it needed to be, and then we were talking about not only that, but Assassin's Creed kind of breaking that formula and bringing on every two years as the creed as opposed to every other year sort of Madden thing or whatever. And we saw more quality being put into that as well. So I felt like we had that upswing and we're slowly going back down, but hopefully this is the signs of a new sort of upswing coming up here with Avatar with Star Wars with Sam Fisher's all coming out. And hopefully management gets in line and hopefully, again, you hire me. All bad people, get the fuck out of here. Go, go. Get out of here. Get out of here. And I also don't want to be all doing gluten because I feel like I feel like I make it sound like every single UV soft game is a mess. And it's not, that's not the case, right? Like far cry 6 people like that assassin's revolver last year people like that. Watch dogs legion existed, right? It's not all demons about here, but you know did you say all this just for that joke? That was the only reason he did this job. Let's keep talking about use of those story number two. Ubisoft devs don't understand the companies NFT push either. This is Ethan at kotaku. Last week, we saw revealed its new NFT tech platform called quartz, and it didn't go well. The announcement that Tom Clancy's ghost recon breakpoint would be the first game to implement cryptocurrency backed items was downvoted on YouTube over 40,000 times. Now it turns out even many developers at the Assassin's Creed publisher have no idea what to make of the publisher's new NFT scheme. According to messages reviewed by kotaku, a post announcing courts on ubisoft's internal social media hub, mana, quickly filled up with questions and concerns from developers across the company. Some didn't understand which old problems the new tech actually solved, while others were worried about receiving mandates to start integrating NFTs into their own games. Quote, I still don't really understand the problem being solved here, wrote one employee. Quote, is it really worth the extremely negative publicity this will cause another asked? Quote, how can you look at private property, speculation, artificial scarcity and egoism than say, yes, this is good. I want that. Let's put that in art and quote. Quote, I normally try to stay positive on our announcements, but this one is upsetting, wrote a third. Some developers raised environmental concerns, while courts is being while courts is based on a cryptocurrency that derives its value from proof of stake technology rather than an exponentially more energy intensive proof of work algorithm. There's still a lot of debate over the strengths and weaknesses over this alternate form of crypto generation. Others simply felt like the announcement was just a vehicle for meaningless buzzwords and another unnecessary PR disaster. Quote, 600 hours to earn an NFT tweeted YouTube critics skill up. Quote, now crypto Bros will just AFK bot to farm hours so they can collect their shitty helmet. UE wins money or no, you be wins because they can book these metrics as, quote, increased MAUs, aka.

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