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Slash federal. Four 38. Traffic and weather on the 8 Dave dill dines in the traffic center. You're in heavy traffic coming in on three 95 through Southwest Washington beyond Capitol Hill in eastbound on 6 95 between the third street tunnel and south capital street. There are two vehicles stopped in the right lane of the freeway and now there's a fire department response blocking that right lane. Eastbound traffic on 6 95 gets by in two lanes to the left toward the navy yard. From the 11th street bridge, northbound traffic on D.C. two 95 is slow into northeast, and southbound traffic on I two 95 is slow and a few stretches between the at a costume wherever bridges and the Woodrow Wilson bridge on the beltway on the south side near the Wilson on the interloop on the western side near the legion and in other places four 95 traffic is heavy, but unimpeded, there are no incidents blocking two 70 northbound slowest near clarksburg, 95 and Baltimore, Washington Parkway, not bad volume wise, and no incidents reported between four 95 and 6 95. Eastbound traffic on 15 near the bay bridge is a little sluggish at sandy point. In Virginia, westbound traffic on 66 is getting slower from the beltway toward nutley street, fire rescue going for a new crash westbound on 66. No crashes, but heavy traffic westbound through centerville, 95 slow southbound newington to woodbridge and did a few spots in Stafford. Northbound very slow through Quantico. There's police activity winding down at the Dale City way station and truck rest area, but northbound lanes of 95 have remained open throughout. Save 20% on all long fence decks, pavers, and fences. Financing available for qualified buyers go to long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. Dave del dein WTO traffic. Two Amelia Draper Amelia were just, oh a little less than an hour away to the spring equinox. I know, and with that Hillary, we're looking at a sunset tonight, due west, the sunrise was

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