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In 707 tie jump which an dodd prior higher budget oof school campus safety has been a topic for many years we've had a series of school incidents over the past decade or so and to address the rising number of school threats around austin the public safety commission is in the process of forming a working group that hopes to increase safety protocols and the commission's ed strug says there's a lot to be done is impossible to heart disease tale i'm also addressed the emergency services person now they had acquitted yeah the group also wants to make sure coordination is among different police agencies is done properly in the event of an active shooter now this is these these stories are happening all over the area has been a handful of kids high school kids middle school kids right here in central texas that have recently been charged with making terroristic threat they had wanted westwood a couple of other high schools around town in fact there was a threat at walsh middle school just last week and parents are demanding some changes like pj kerr he spoke with fox seven news at this and then something gone around the globe may we would be stringent about it but at this point anything's possible in this pairs our job friday's threat was deemed to be non credible but kerr said others say and so the ron lock school district give them specifics on how they plan to keep the kids safe they're not comfortable letting kids go to class there some parents are is part of that meeting now while we thought it'd be a good idea to get us representative roger williams on the phone it's always a good i'd absolute always now wa congressman williams thank you so much for joining us here on the tanah don show and from what i understand you of a piece of legislation that's going to clear the way for some schools to get the money they need for metal detectors.

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