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NewsRadio nine eight the WW J AccuWeather forecast from the family, cooling and electrical weather center meteorologist Brian Thompson, says not as good as but we'll take we'll be mild today. Sunshine fades behind clouds. We'll see a high of sixty seven the San there will be a couple of showers around of the course of the afternoon and into early tonight clouds linger later tonight, and we'll be mild low of fifty five and even warmer tomorrow clouds break for some. Sunshine, high seventy one not as warm though by Tuesday times, clouds and sunshine, high sixty one even colder on Wednesday as turns out mainly cloudy, high of forty eight also rain or serene mixed with some snow arrive by Wednesday nights. But some warmer air tries to sneak in on Thursday while the shower or two in the morning, and it will be breezy. Milder. Plenty of clouds high Thursday up to fifty seven I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson on WW turning nine fifty. We have forty six degrees at metro airport. Forty three degrees downtown, traffic and weather together. Every ten minutes on the anytime at W W J, NewsRadio dot com with our top stories next WWE news time this Sunday morning, Detroit. Six twenty the only way you can take WJ NewsRadio nine fifty with. You is the radio dot com app. Download it today and listen to us anytime anywhere. This week. You'll find great deals at Walgreens now wonderful pistachios in shell sixteen ounce. Five forty nine with one dollar off coupon card down liquid detergent fifty-one tide liquid detergent, thirty seven or forty ounce and Taipa twelve or sixteen pack to ninety five two dollar off coupon and card get great deals on the essentials. You need right here at your neighborhood. Walgreens, Walgreens, trusted since nineteen o one while supplies last restrictions and exclusions apply. See store for details. Five our teen with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes and three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail that beach with outweighing down five our teen caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the Nacre of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Here. On NewsRadio nine fifty w. Good morning. I'm Ron to the latest at six twenty to the Michigan state Spartans going home empty-handed after losing Saturday night sixty one fifty one to taxes tack the final four last night red raiders who take on Virginia for tomorrow night's championship. Michigan state to make eight of twenty four shots in the second half. It was Thomas owes eighth trip to the final four plans have been announced for memorial for nipsy hustle is family intends to have Thursday at Staples Center, home of the LA, Lakers, Thirty-three-year-old hustle, a rapper businessman and community activists who shot and killed last Sunday outside his clothing store. WWE news time six twenty two need dust control on your own. It's well, now's the time. Here's WWE's, Laura L. It's the road commission for Oakland county's dust control program. You have until the twenty ninth of this month to apply for the service check with your township first to see if they participate in the cost of dust control mineral, well, Brian is the plied to gravel. Oh, roads four times during the summer and fall to help control the dust the cost to participate in the program is about forty five cents per linear foot of road mineral. Well, Brian is naturally. Occurring thought water. Private roads are not included in the dust control program. Laura Baumel, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. W w j news time is six twenty three. A look at your money straight ahead on Steven Greenberg. Talking about your next job even candidates who are very confident walking into a job interview.

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