FDA, Chief National Correspondent, Matt Gutman discussed on ABC Perspective


Corona virus cases in the U. S topped eight million over the past week and the highest single day total of new cases positive test soaring in the U. S hospitalizations on the rise in many areas and questions about what kind of plan there will be going forward. ABC is chief national correspondent Matt Gutman says, though the new numbers are worrying. There's new hope treatment, the FDA providing a golden seal of approval for the covert treatment from death severe recognizing that the agency believes that drug, which will be the first FDA approved treatment to fight the virus is relatively safe to use and can shorten the duration of symptoms. Movement on the vaccine front is well flies are becoming the first company to test its vaccine on Children. Enrolling its youngest volunteer 12 year old Abby know his father is also participating Advisers trial for adults that as covert patients piling up in hospitals in the nation's Heartland, they're four to a room in the I C U at the University Medical Center in El Paso for daily covert cases have increased 450%. The past three weeks. Montana also notching a record number of cases, shipments of beds going to hospitals, the E R at the building's.

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