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Doing his part as our musical technical director broadcast on here. I think I gripe enough every day about how much I pay tolls. Just to get to work you pay a car Bill about two hundred twenty dollars. In that range. That's like an under fourteen thousand dollar car car Bill. Yeah, it's a little standard. I, unfortunately, moved to a place where the nearest freeway that is not told would take me thirty minutes to get to or I can take a toll way to get to that untold freeway. Yeah. Either way, I'm screwed. Now. I think living in Collin county as great as it can be. I it's not even an option for me. Because of the told you have to pay anywhere. My lease is up on stately Brown manner. I'm gonna move out of that area. I'm gonna just I don't wanna spend the money. I don't see the point to me the closest suburb that I've been able to figure out that. It's close hop, right? On thirty five is really like your farmers branch. Carrollton Lewisville decent distance away doesn't feel too close. That's lot of places. I'd like to live in the w but the the distance to come to work is just too much, and you have a rain shower and insane people suddenly on the roads. I don't wanna mess with one fourteen is fantastic. That's a great road to be able to come in on. But you're getting you're getting pricey on that road that grapevine and southlake. Yeah. I got to figure out what I'm gonna. But two hundred twenty dollars a month. Tired of it with it? And it's ridiculous that we talked to state Senator who said that he was working to get those tolls. For example. Dell's north tollway especially the original pieces from maybe Addison into downtown that's been paid for since probably early nineties. Maybe maybe since the eighties. Yeah. But we still pay a fortune to be on it. And I don't understand that that doesn't make any sense to me. I be problem paying fifty cents to maintain the thing. Yeah. But they are charging out while frankly tra-, but yeah. Well, what's happened in the legislature? The Texas house is not yet ready to remove the tolls. From roads whose construction costs have been paid off, but lawmakers in the lower chamber just passed Bill critic say would shine a light on how much money tolling into these taken. And how they spend it. Well, gee that makes a big difference instead of taking the two hundred twenty dollars off my credit card Bill every month. They're going to send me an accounting report. Yeah. That's great. That does me. A lot of good many drivers assume they won't be. Charged. Tolls wants construction costs or covered tolling into these can continue to keep charging drivers. Even after the initial cost you're paid because it's a racket while toll entity say this practice is crucial to maintain existing thoroughfares and fun new roads toll opponents rail against the practice. That's what I'm doing. I'm railing. Yes, sir against the practice here. I guess numbers. You have Frisco Republican state Representative Jared Patterson said during a hearing on the legislation he authored the Bill is about transparency. It's about shining light on the activists are toiling into these and giving the public easier access to the information they need to hold them accountable. This doesn't mean anything to me, this is this is a this is a typical government body making it look like they're doing something. Yeah. And in reality, they're doing nothing. They're just moving their hands real fast. So you think something's going on there? And in reality, nothing is changing. You're still going to get charged out the but to go wherever you need to go. Thank conservatives saying we're going to get rid of ObamaCare. We're working on it. Yeah. We're working on that. Aren't we know case? I don't understand what what is the argument for us continuing to pay these tolls into perpetuity. Well, they have to build new roads and maintain the old roads, you know, track much. Well, the here's what they here's the number. They got twenty seventeen in the fiscal. Ear of the generated seven hundred sixty two million dollars in revenue. Most of that came from me. Five hundred eighty two point seven went to maintenance operations and paying debt the extra hundred seventy nine goes towards road, widening improvements and congestion mitigation. I wonder if the people just sitting a few minutes ago backed up from trinity mills to spring valley feel like that road. Congestion mitigation had been handled there. So they're overcharging you they're paying they're taking extra money, and they're finding ways to say, oh, we're going to justify it this way. But apparently, the TA does not keep specific revenues and costs and debt. Thanks for specific roads. It's just one big general fund great. They just spend it as I see fit. So if you live in Collin county, don't look for any relief from your legislators, they want to make you think they've done something. But they've done nothing. They've done absolutely squat there as useless as boobs on a bull as by grandfather used to say, although he used a different word. So you're still gonna pay lots and lots of cash just to get out of Collin county. I look I know there are a lot of toll places and once I got no problem with toll roads. But the reason the legislature doesn't want to do anything because they don't want to spend money on text building roads. They don't wanna pay for the roads. They don't wanna put bonds out there because people might vote them down. And then they'll get blamed when traffic is heavy. They don't wanna spend state money. They don't want to raise the gas tax. They just want to charge the poor poor fools who live in the stupid areas out the butts. Yeah. To pay for the tolls that way, they don't have to build roads, which is their job to do. They can just assign it away to somebody else. I've got it's you and not me. Yeah. Well, it's me for now. But it won't be me for. Long because.

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