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Was hacked now i don't know whether that hacking was the result of an attack against the bank or an attack against me but this time they took money so i don't know i feel i'm a target here i wanna be paranoid but it's pretty wacky sometimes out there yeah and i i would agree in one of the things that actually kind of worries me as being you know military guy now in private industry that on this side of the fence you know if you know two countries don't agree with each other on something that actually a private citizen right would have the cyber hacking skills to be able to hack into that nation saying hey i don't like the way that government is responding to this current situation so i'm going to do things on my own kind of like bitch alanthea's citizens are now in at least that they don't put on masks and capes and leap tall buildings in a single bound or or jump off buildings like batman did because remember that's fiction that's comic book stuff people do not do that in real life unless they're tom cruise and like to do wacky stunts with got major general earl matthews on cyprus security more.

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