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Good morning and welcome well two hundred in thirty thousand taxpayer dollars later we have a report that says that stan rosenberg should never ever be senate president for at least until twenty twenty kevin frank at least twenty that's settled okay because before we know if he was going to be senate president next year maybe i mean it was up in the air now they've told us that i mean this is at least the recommendation it's a great report it is ripping yarn yeah so he broke no laws not fly mentally none nary a single law area law let me tell you how governor baker and attorney general healy say not only he he needs to get out of the legislature altogether and listen the the things i mean for my perspective and it seems as though this is sort of been the case in you know there's a willful blindness here i think and i get the sense that he didn't wanna know i get the sense that i mean certainly looking at this last night the the fact that somebody wanted to again point our it happened and thought to themselves internally you know i'm gonna make i'm going to diminish this to the senate president because every time i bring it up with him he brings up his husband's mental issues and makes it seem less than it is that is that is certainly troubling but i mean it just seems to me i was looking at it and like the big takeaways here are that he broke absolutely no laws in that he cannot be president or take any leadership role until twenty twenty that is i mean why it doesn't seem like anything it's no job i mean this so i read this eighty whatever page report last night and it is full full of incident after incident where stan rosenberg acknowledges the bat and knowing about the bad behavior of his husband he acknowledges that staffers and lobbyists and other people in the senate came to him with those complaints he acknowledges over and over again telling them that he agrees with their complaints recommending that they saying basically i'm not gonna do anything about it but take it to the senate counsel if you're the senate president someone tells you that you're not gonna do it coincidentally.

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