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Of a large here on 93 wnbc. Don't send me with us. Tony Sampson was part of the Trump campaign here in Indiana. He was vice here. The campaign in 2016 is circuit now in 2020. So we're trying to talking about the presidential race with 30 days and some change to go ballistic double seconds. Talk about the debate on what's about Yeah, exactly. Not necessarily the president's best informers. Also not necessarily Joe Biden's best performance, either. There was Bob when Fox and Friends was giving the president from friendly advice on their program Monday morning. What is the president to do once said that looking back over looking forward to the next debate to kind of maybe sort of clear up some of the things from the first debate? Well, you know, I had a different take on the debate and the reason being We knew it was going to be a brawl or we should have known it was going to be a brawl. I mean, these guys have been saying a lot about each other. The campaigns have been saying a lot of about each other. The supporters have and you know, nobody should have expected it to be a congenial, friendly debate. And you know what conduct Let's not so now when it started Ah, President Trump went first. He wasn't interrupted. Biden went second. He wasn't interrupted. Trump went next and inviting, interrupted in three times. And he also had the moderator. You know, one thing that might be better next time. Don't let Chris Wallace Moderate another debate, so I did see that Trump was taking on both of them. But once you get past and I know all the talk is about Ah, you know them not being Or talking over each other a lot once you you know, maybe you want to re watch it or you think it through. Trump made a lot of good points. You made the points on law enforcement. Biden can answer the question. He didn't show any support for law enforcement, and we know that Trump has it. When Biden filibustered on the question on judges, he wouldn't answer whether he would stack the court. He looked at the camera. He just started telling people to vote. Well, these people are going to vote. That's why they're watching the debate. That's when Trump tried to challenge him on answering that question, So there was a lot of that when Trump talked about Keeping the economy open, reopening and saw the contrast would bite and talking about keeping it shut down until the corona viruses completely shot. Well, you've got to do both, and Trump proved that he talked about The hardship that families are seeing with drug addiction with, you know, all all sorts of mental health issues that are growing. Unfortunately, because of the lock down, so those kinds of things law enforcement, you know the judges. There were several. If you dissect the debate, several issues that Trump was winning and making points on And Biden was calling him names, telling him to shut up. That's you know, by then showed his true colors because he's always been that guy that's challenging people in the audience to fight or pushups or talking about corn Pop. You know, just crazy things. And you saw that and then you did see a lot of them talking over each other, and that is something that I think I think you're just going to have Different. You're going. You're going to have a town hall meeting format questions from the audience, and I think that will just lead to a different type of Debate without as much talking over each other. Our guest today is a good friend Tony Samuel Tony Samuel, part of the Trump campaign. He was a vice chair of Trump in Indiana. Back in 2016 and a surrogate over the campaign today in 2020 blessings. Here's a little bit about the vice president Mike Pence. Former governor of Indiana congressman. He's got debate scheduled next week with Kamala Harris. What? How do you expect the vice president to do? Well, he's he's obviously very intelligent. He's very skilled speaker is a great communicator. Hey, will get the message across. And you know he's got a different style s o. You won't Probably see the more raucous type style that we saw the other night. Camel hair. It's I think has a lot to answer to because of she's one of the leaders in moving the Democrat Party to the left. So that will be the contrast you'll see again the vice president showing and explaining the the accomplishments. Of the past four years. The promises fulfilled verses this movement and it's a very dangerous movement. You know, it's easy to say the Democrat Party is moving Towards socialism without really knowing what that means. But that means taking away individual rights taking away individual choices. It's happened throughout history and other countries. Folks. I really need to take a hard look at that, because it's not just socialism. It's Marxism, and that's what this party is headed for. That's why you see Antifa on the streets. Causing chaos and hurting people and killing people. And and you don't see the Democrat Party, the leftist now that they have taken over the Democrat Party. You don't see them condemning that you see them condoning it, and that's all part of this movement. And you'll see that contrast in a vice president that loves this country and we'll share what they have done for the country for the last four years. Is it fair to say that the Democrats are moving more towards life? Obviously, there are extremists on both sides of the political spectrum. You have, you know, Antifa On the one hand, you got no, the white supremacist on the other the other side of things. Is it fair to categorize? The Democrats has moving toward socialism and antifa without saying, OK, we're Republicans because President Bob didn't denounce the white supremacist No explicitly. For say, Bob had been a media scrum another day, so it is really fair. T categorize both parties by their extremists. Well, I would say that the president has condemned violence with the cake. Any type of light extremism. One of the False narratives of this campaign is what happened back in Charlottesville, and the president did condemn them. I remember that weekend he condemned them to start you put out. Another statement put out another statement by Monday. That the media had still was still not satisfied. It just went on and on, but they still use that narrative. He made it clear back then that when he said There were people on good sites that was separate from any of the violence. That was one of the big debate. It was the debate about tearing down the statue and both folks, both sides. Made their points. That's what he was talking about. He was hey, was talking about the people that didn't want to see the statue torn down. That was before any violence that was before any of the cake with the white of the extremists. You know, I stole the media attention from what they were doing. So hey, condemned the other night. He said Sure he'll condemn it on. Then everyone was talking over each other. You didn't hear That he said. Tell me you know what you want me to call them. I'll condemn it. That's that's what he was saying. But this there's a false narrative about there. And yeah, it is. It has been antifa..

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