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In still here with eleven about to hit thirty minutes of play throw in for the right side again from an egg us. Because they have a nice little step up ahead from where he was at center circle is good spot. Here will he'll throw it right into the box city trying to double team down there. Couldn't take it away. Now ricochets back out to the center circle little pushing and shoving that's we met really bothering up camping two hands on his back but still play on. And now it's quickly abandoned to Brian. I won't be golf ball on turns it back out left pushed, no, call it. Still inbounds own be nice shovel out broke the double team there. Here's oscar. Rips with the right foot. This was deflected near the box. Williams. Takes it down. Georgieva the fourth couldn't have gone up for that one. Now, he's giving up about eight inches there to align fund Williams quick re quick, man. Foul from behind on city quick restart from Indy. Eleven and they've done that a couple of times. Now, it was a searching ball for MAC and Ernie who got tripped up right at the edge of the box with Alexi soi. He and Mandela if that's you know, maybe two feet further in that's a penalty. So right at the edge of the box. Let's see swat getting caught out this back line getting caught out. And and clay we've been playing pretty well as of late we've been taking care of business that we have conceded. A couple of consolation goes to teams like Atlanta Toronto North Carolina FC, although that being said we did have to fight back from North Carolina. But just some stupid goals really Bainbridge neutral moments as I say sometimes and that was just falling asleep. Getting caught out when you talk to coach. These are exactly the things that offensive mistakes that sitting me to eliminate and and it is actually going to be yellowcard issue to Alexi. So while he going into book for our second booking of the night that brought to you by tire. Throws all yellow and red cards presented by tire pros their first card right before minute thirty one. Now, what you want to see for cities standpoint. But they've been playing pretty fiscal last few plays fair when you have a rivalry game. Like this. We always talk about the referees want to interject themselves in before it gets to fiscal outta hand. You don't want to see what we had a few weeks ago? We were down to nine players were opposing team. Oh, yeah. Against that certainly got ugly quick. And I think right, right. Then it's Alexi was the unfortunate party involved in in mcenery. Just make it a play. E he read the game, right? The ball was good. And it's just a wrong place. Wrong time for y trip that mcenery. And so he sees yellow and more importantly, though, city of got a very dangerous opportunity to repel here from India Levin free coming that's all ios as one of the players over. There is another one there too. It's mcenery mcenery to the right side of the ball. I only two left that one too high on the sand from MAC and Ernie. He played it just a bit outstretched over the crossbar felt like there is a lot of just standing around there. I think the referees is getting their ducks in a row, but it felt like we just wasted another forty five seconds there. So go you said it earlier four minutes at a time. I don't think that's outside of the rebel possibility. Here we're only in thirty third minute. But it certainly feels like this game is dragging your, Greg. They'll smash this one four city has a little hesitation though, before he goes to it yet this one drilled through the center, he's got Ilia back there mcenery going after the ball as well. But sitcoms away here's George trying to turn it into the right side city brings back the pressure. Now follows got it just seems to be one pass away right now for making a score. I'll tell you now looking for may turn the defense has been since Asians. They get another strip out ahead. Ilia backheel pass play wizardry into the box. Iliad turns back east trip. PK? It is penalties has been awarded by Greg doll guy needs very mad. Terrific play by Ilia. He gets tripped up by it was I think it was it was it was absolutely as mayor is coming back, right? Inside of the box. I I'm not sure I think it might have been a bit of a trip combined with a bit of a shove there. But nonetheless play there is a penalty awarded in both of the previous two games. Brian Ownby missed the one in August. Does it converted the wine in may? Yes. That's the big situations. Kevin said last time these two teams play. It was a two two draw in both penalty kicks were stopped. So maybe third time's the charm here. It comes for city. It's Cameron Lancaster at the spot in minute. Thirty three no score between the little city in any eleven Cam steps up left side and back then that cuts it off the grass. It gets the score city strikes. I absolutely clinical from number nine online fund Williams dove left. Cam slots to the goalkeeper's, right Cooper's. Go mad Renton repeat that's his twenty fifth of the season. My goodness. He is absolutely blowing that Fanis record out of the water city one zip, right? When you needed it. I've been saying for last couple. We're just that one pass away turns out we were just one defensive slip up from India Levin away. We'll take it in the defense led to say they've created so much pressure early in this game on any eleven's backline that they've been able to strip the ball away and clear it out city. Finally got an opportunity for Indy eleven they opened the door form. Cam makes the score. Yeah. I think Cam was the guy who converted, but it's illeg was the player that made it and we've seen a lot of productive passes Ilia with that near assist to George on the back post. He's been playing terrifically. Well, Cameron Lancaster will get obviously go down as the player who scored it. But Ilya Ilich continues his terrific run a form. He's got a goal and two assists in his last two. And that is as good as an assess maybe even a goal in some people's eyes so credit to number fourteen for generating that it was really a bit of a one man show. Really if you're if you're going to split hairs there what a job by city using their defensive score. It was coming coming, right? Right back. The other way, George gets to steal all just couldn't stay bounds, man. They are doing such a great job. I can't harp on that enough of the intensity. They've brought coach or certainly not calling off the dogs and the last regular season game. No, absolutely not. And you know, we saw that in the largely unchanged side died coach Hackworth lined up with the only only is till Piccolo making his return to the starting eleven zoning change. Also, it certainly helps by what has got to be. I would hazard to say probably gloving or maybe even ten thousand people here on hand at Louisville slugger field. Second half will get you know, particulars. Absolutely great crowd on hand tonight for the regular season finale fan appreciation night at that to play what a job. Yeah. No one. No better way to appreciate the fans to good soccer. That's what we've seen here today to good team. A good leap FC win. Absolutely good to see a good rivalry with good soccer with it. Fun. Williams will roll it back out city tried to play some kickball. There couldn't connect now through thirty six minutes to score one nothing city. And I think we're gonna see swat he pick up a foul. Owl. Trying to give a little shove. Already on a yellow no can't can't escape that Alexi soi. He just a bit senseless. They're taking down Braun down. The left side is just going to be a garden variety. Freekick takes a quickly. Here goes out ahead. This one try to be crossed into the box. Good stop from city inside the eighteen and Eric cannot identify who it is for city. But he bodied into the ball. We'll get a second look here in the second. That's actually the right from cows Cal Smith, by the way. He he went ninety minutes in his last game. That's the thirtieth time. He's done that clay. In the last three seasons. You've been in the top three in minutes played. So he's as they say in football Abell Cal there at the right back decision. He is put in the work. There's no doubt about it. He gets a lot of time on top of the ball being involved in the game Ranjit Singh. Gets it off the corner. Cross no real threat there for Greg catching practice. I'll tell you what they've test them a few times earlier though, they've kept Greg moving quite often today. Yeah. Most notably that that cornet Ferrera almost converted Greg. He's been very active. He's he's come out. He's dealt with what's been put his way and really. Shining performance from will anybody in a purple or powder? Blue shirt tonight. City has it on the left side. Good passing now from Nile Nile turned it over to the right? There's kyle. Now to the right side. Here's George Davis. Let him get some space. Why gets it around the side comes back to it? He's called for a push areas. He was trying to work his way around the ball is almost like he was trying to throw it around him. We just couldn't do it. Yeah. You did. He does a young man. He just ate the kid's lunch money. But man that was a terrific play there from a couple of guys you are well into their thirties. Actually. So not exactly kids launch. No, eight nine does as professionals lunch money that that might have been even worse than nutmeg if you had been able to pull that off going around the right side of the body and then coming back to the ball in front of it. They're gonna pretty sweet stuff combined sixty three years challenge there. Get those guys a triple a card or something they had a couple more on that turn as Owen bead. Now has it just about qualified houses say not triple eight anybody can get AAA. Here's Allenby out to the right side. Now turned into the wing Kyle Smith, George. John. Yeah. He has to catch off his backside. They're trying to turn into the ball to eventually deflected back out. Now only gets it on the throw and he's sent in through the middle Iliad just behind it cities. Still got the ball. George George tries a shot deflected. Backout this one header tennis from Kyle Smith and come down with swine. He that wall. Trickles out of a pass that was denied and turned around eventually zigzag out of bounds for any eleven throw is now we hit mid at thirty nine one nothing. We'll city lead that passer. Brian Ownby really found a went all the way through found Vanegas. They are the right back all the way on the other side. Cam was the only purple shirt forward there. But just very conniving player by number ten. He's he's having probably the game of the season so far here, and it's only forty th minute. It'll be throw in for city onto the center circles where they'll go from. But as a stoppage was going to say, I'm not sure from what I don't know if there was an argument over possession between who should get throw in. I think it was just taking it from the wrong place. I'll say they're were making a strong charge. Charge. I think it was Kyle who's the one that was trying to go past the center circle. And they bring him back to have the re throw.

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