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I just did a Doyle thing. Yeah. I just wish Anders was here with the Frank Dubois. Just to test that one. Do you have games? I don't have names. I mean, I think berhalter is the most obvious one within MLS. I think you have to run to those career heads started at the club level a little bit earlier than just this year. You might look at him as a guy that could be getting looks here. But I hope it is, I hope it is international. I mean, obviously it needs to be. And they're turning over every rock. And finding somebody who has the personality to connect to these players, but also has sort of the ability to take them to the next level. As far as just the tactics and preparation goes, I mean, I don't have any specific names for you. I have no idea what they want to do. And I don't know. None of us think none of us think that Jesse marsh would leave leads united to take over the U.S. national team, right? No.

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