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Want to major in broadcast journalism. Print journalism or i. I wanted magazine journalism. And so i went that route but broadcast always appealed to me. I spent a lot of time telling myself you will never be pretty enough to be on. Tv like no one's going to put you on tv. I would be curious to hear your take on that. Is that a conversation at any point. Is it something that's on your mind. The idea of looking a certain way dressing a certain way. Can you talk about the appearance. Side of being on very public camera a. Yeah you know what. That's a really valid question. And i think it's a really tough one especially Not to forget the men but especially for the women And i know it was something that i was very nervous about in university and also to be honest the diversity track as well like i don't look like a lot of the morning show hosts in canada because i am half black and i think at this point across canada might be the only half black morning show host in in markets across the most of the major markets not toronto toronto's very diverse but I i know that it can really mess with you. Confidence wise because when i went into the industry i saw all these beautiful women that were in it And assume that we all had to be at some sort of certain level. We have to dress a certain way. Act a certain way. Look a certain way and i was really lucky in having a female mentor. I don't think i've ever said this to her but she was definitely a mentor to me. She was the host in saskatoon and she's ten years older than me and she just owned her. Look she will be is gorgeous but be she had the confidence and that was way more beautiful than anything that you could have seen on the outside and it really inspired me to try and emulate the same For example i straighten my hair for the first five or six years of being on air..

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