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During her dealer, dollar to alert Hey, Holly. Hey, Lori. Really? Good afternoon. What do we have today for our dirt? Well, we have another actress accusing Maryland Manson. Of sexual misconduct. Yes, they saw this. So this is anything about this story? I want to know. All right. Well, this is coming to us from actor as May Bianco, you might know her as her as Roz on Game of restaurant. Yes, yes. She's also been in shows like the Magician and Supergirl, and she dated Marilyn Manson from 2009 to 2011. And she did a new interview with the cut, where she's discussing alleged abuse that she suffered at the hands of Marilyn Manson, which left her with physical scars. M P. T S D How does you know what it's really is amazing how when you're famous or rich, you get away with no, but you can also you like he's not that attractive at all. It's the power. Do you know what I mean? He really has like he has no trickery has no problem attracting a lot of women. Yet and beautiful, beautiful women and women from all walks. And you know, he really gets he he moves on quickly. I think he must be quite seductive. Yeah, well in this piece as maids talking about that during a music video shoot in 2009. Marylin Manson allegedly physically assaulted her without consent. She also alleges that he assaulted her during sex and that he once chased her around with an ax in their apartment. Now during the relationship, Bianco claims that Manson went from being quote. Now here's I think something that Marilyn Manson it seems from the stories that we're hearing from people takes advantage of quote being a massive role model. Who really helped me through some incredibly dark and difficult times as a teenager. To quote a monster who almost destroyed me and almost destroyed so many women. Being that. I think there have been several people. Well, Phoebe Bridger went over to her his house when she was a teenager. So I'm sensing this pattern. Yes. Yet another pattern that these people have, allegedly that Maryland Manson seems to like to get his fans. To come over. He seduces them with the Maryland Manson persona rights that people have this emotional attachment to based on hearing and seeing his art on, then brings them into his inner circle. So to speak, And then these stories and up happening, and then he talks you into trying thing, and then he probably has photos of you and then you vulnerable and young and it's very, very emotionally abusive. It gets very quickly and I love you a hate you and then you go. I'm scared of you. Yeah. Yeah, The full interview with as May is in the cut, which is the fashion portion of New York magazine. So if you want to read her words, they're over there. Let's talk about this piece of the Hollywood reporter published today. Very unexpectedly. Ah, whole story about actress Shelley Duvall. Uh, thanks for posting that What That is. It's an incredible interview by that journalists and Shelley and its tell us about it so good. Yeah, well, Shelley Duvall, you know, we really haven't heard a lot from Shelley Duvall in decades. She's hanging out in Texas living her life and she is addressing that 2016 Dr Phil Interview, which was widely criticized at the time. As being exploitative of her mental health struggles. Now the Hollywood reporter article really, we can't really encapsulate just the broad range of what it gets into. So it is posted on the lorry and Julia Shillings that might talk one of 71 dot com If you want to read the whole thing But she specifically talking about that interview, and Shelley Duvall says of Dr Phil Back in 2016 that I find I found out the kind of person he is the hard way. And in this Hollywood reporter article the interviewer described. Shelly is being visibly distressed when Phil McGraw's name was mentioned, and she says that my mother didn't like him, either. Her partner, Dan Gilroy, now She's been with Dan Gilbert. He was a member of the band, the Breakfast club back in the eighties that Madonna was a part of, and so that's a connection there, But he and Duval have been partnered for quite some time. Duval says that a lot of people, including your partner told her afterwards that she shouldn't have done it. And at the time. I don't know if you guys remember talking about it. We probably did. Yes, we did. Yeah, that it was criticized for the lack of compassionate healing in this article. Now apparently Dr Phil repeatedly tried to get in contact with Shelley Duvall's mob. After the interview. Oh, geez! She says he started calling my mother. Her mother told him Don't call my daughter anymore. But then she started. But then they called mom all the time trying to get her to let me talk to him again. So they were working the angle of the mother to get to Shelley Duvall and her mom just died of cold bitch was 92 years old. Yeah, it's a really interesting I had forgotten that you know, like Robert Altman discovered her, and she was in all these movies, and she did Children's programming in the eighties. And then she talked about her trauma, though from the Shining Look. Yeah, yeah, yeah, filming that. And she questions. She just wonders in this article. How she was able to get through the filming of the shining because you know that they would be constantly doing retake. She would be up all night. She would have to be sad and distressed for hours upon hours, maintaining that have you guys seen the shining? Yes, I just saw I've recently Casey and I re watched that and Charlie feels to watch that she's incredible. In the movie and Jack Nichols. I mean, it's also perfectly cast and you know Scatman Crothers and but didn't get yours. You're afraid you're afraid for you feel her? Shelley Duvall is reverting in that movie. Yeah, And so I think the intensity of that performance that.

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