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All of these medicines and just in resonate with me and so. I said hold on for a moment. They don't want to put me on insulin right away. My diabetes was that the delay stages wow and I just refused to succumb to that. Because my mother was diabetic for fifteen years is seven years on insulin and I said that's not the life I wanted to live and so I decided to you know I like to say I became scientific in onto Google and googled reducing diabetes. Your own doctor. Sometimes you know all of this information came and I was able to connect with. Some doctors flew down to see one in Ohio. And that doctor gave me information about my diet and he said listen. If you change your diet you're gonNA reverse diabetes and return to the city. A clean up cupboard. Nothing helped he was in my covered. Everything was processed and I started to go on a whole foods plant based Diet and within three weeks. My eyesight cleared up. Wow Vision loss when away? Three months later monarch damage went away. My ulcer went away of my cholesterol normalize my psa normal my my dad. At that time the prostate cancer that normalized. My mother then followed me eighty years old. She went on a hopeful plant based Diet and diabetic. For fifteen years and two months she got off the insulin. Amazing that admitting that's the power of rates so is so when I started to dig into this so wait a minute all about is a losing their kidneys. GonNa Kidney Dialysis. The kidney disease doesn't running out community it's not in our DNA. It's out dinner. That's news and Gone Blind. Losing amputation. The number one cause of non trauma. Amputation is diabetes. You know number one of all of these issues and so we went on this pursue and I started to do an analysis and watch what repeat and wet feeding our people who that is causing a crisis in the first place. No matter where you go you know the deepwater. This the food we eat came from the plantation. We're eating the slave master. Food must be semi looking. Look at those rose sewing machine. This insane cycle that keeps going around and around and noticing like even during this insane time at like all of a sudden. I'm seeing more and more fast food. Commercials there's no commercials like from trader dozens of commercials but there's no Education I'm like here's what you could do during this time to. Maybe like work on your health. All I'm seeing like Popeye's and and The you know McDonald's all these like you know you can get all this food for twenty dollars. You Feed Your Whole Families for twenty bucks but in the end they this is out of the after the gates open we become have normalized. We're not going to be that healthy. Say this when you think about it now we have you corner and all your children are going to be able to say that she can come up. Is Hunger thing right right now? Out of like you know if they make it to they making it to reasonable that you know 'cause our you know everyone's job so of course. Everyone's going to get one you. That's also I wanted. 'cause we hear we talk a lot about gentrification you know because we're like Puerto Ricans from born and raised in New York so obviously that's affected us a lot and it's I feel like that's a part of this too because it's like you know people are pushed out of their communities and then but they're the ones working at those markets that sell all this organic healthy expensive food but they can't even afford to buy the food at the market that they work at let alone pay their own rent. So it's like a stroke even gentrification so like seeps into all this stuff too it's really just been right and then there's the arrogance that comes with it you know the attitude that comes with it here you've been here. You're the supermarket you you stock the shelves and People WanNa look downward and disrespect. You don't want to come in and be part of the community but come in and displace your cultural norm. Why does people making so much noise on Sunday? Church right yeah we talk about a lot like in neighborhoods like that are like in. Bushwick all the Latin neighborhoods. People are moving in calling the cops on the kids playing outside or playing music but we play dominos outside. We had the fire hydrants open where industry like. That's part of our culture. You can just go there and then criminalize. It's it's really it was. That was what the heart of my go to go back to Iowa comet was about it was about. I love listening to leave someone. This this is where people were doing now. The other council people who come to the city and fit in. But you don't use government to resources to target people you know we one of the great restaurants up in Washington heights and my man Fernando Material La Marina excellent plays man. It's a beautiful place. That was the whole drug strip. At one time he came in he cleaned it up. Yet of three hundred employees. He spent six million dollars renovated. New arrivals came in. They call the police. They got tired of seat in of folks of color going using this this place for years. The police came in and set up road. Blocks ten blocks away from his place is stop cars from being able to drive down the block and they destroyed his business started Hitting them with citations. He lost the whole business. Some white guy came in and took over time we hit. We hit that all out to the community is being destroyed up in Washington Heights area. All of those small clubs places where people go to funny like ever since this covert hit us. All those people actually did go back to Maho an Iowa late. They're not even here late. You left you now. They're gone which is kind of all of them. But I'm like okay here and ruined everything. GonNa Leave New Yorkers Fiber of the fitness clearly the New Yorker to use anywhere. My block has been really. I'm trick so we got little little freak so that being said I'm wondering how like do you think this is going to affect gentrification like after when we're supposed to be going back to normal like is that going to affect the city and like things are going to change after this is what our focus should be now because would first of all new norm. The norm that we were used to. It will never be the same and win the new norm and we need to adjust to that There's going to be some new business opportunities that are going to open and we need to be ready to engage ourselves in those business opportunities. There's going to be a lot of resources coming from the city the state and federal level. What we can't do is allow them to do what they did. With the stimulus money. They put stimulus money into businesses but now businesses attempting to apply for that money. They're saying hey. We ran out before the ink was dried on the stimulus bill. They already told the people they wanted to tell. We need to be carved out part of legislation and the stimulus money for those communities that are hardest hit that needs to be written into the language. We're GONNA look those communities that were hardest hit and that is what we're going to ensure we have a rebuilding process. There s includes the house. That's include job training that includes educational opportunities so we need to focus so the corona virus discriminate. But I'll policies and practices did discriminate and we need to make sure that recovery does not discriminate while well put. This is the moment that we can agree shift society and really. That's the only silver lining haired like for for me. When I what I see happening right now I wanted to talk a bit you or police officer and a captain also right and I heard you WanNa tell us this story about why. You became a police officer and I wanted. I thought I wanted you to share that with us. There was two times in my life where I found myself doing something not because I wanted to but because I was called to and I think there's a different interaction When you call linked to do something and Policing was one of those times As a child my brother and I we were arrested and the police officers that arrested us in Queens one third precincts the same precinct with Sean. Bell was shot and killed and police officers after we were sitting there. They didn't chason picked us up from school. I was fifteen at the time. And they while they feel now the reports said you feel like a beatdown and we didn't know what it what they meant and it took us downstairs suited precinct. And they're they want to beat us. They kicked US repeatedly in our grind over and over again that would only flip plays that they hit us and for week of both of us were urinating blood for a week throughout that whole process. Never told my mother to became adults and Manley right and I. It was fascinating how an incident can impact people differently. Your brother left that encounter. I still think he suffers from mental health issues. Because of that you'd left it angry e traumatize and would have you. I've never forget going to the counselor of part of the of our sentencing was that I had to go to a counselor and I was just such an angry person at that time of my life. That the counselor sat down and spoke to both of us. She told my brother. I want you to come back next week. She says Eric. You don't even have the barber coming back you know. She saw it as there was no recovery for me. You know in that interaction and so later Some years later young man was killed named His name escapes me but he was shot by a housing. The housing cop shot him for no reason at all. He walked up to the car and so the cops sit out front. He exit copy says officers. Are you coming from my apartment? The officer pulls out his gun and shot him and killed him and I was part of an organization called the Black Knight of Front at the time and the we protested. The officer was found. Not Guilty of because. They said he had an epileptic seizure. The boys and no CJ exists but the judge and the jury is still found not guilty and after the trial of a few men that I really I was quite of a group called what are called black united front. They came to thirteen of us. A said we want you to go into policing of each one that you someone into the Department of Corrections someone who to call someone into Housing Police Transit Police NYPD separate departments at one time and they said we watch out to fight from within. And I was a kid. You know these guys. I was just at that time. I couldn't hear police sirens without reliving that beaten. I couldn't see a police show on TV. I could see a police car. You 'cause you know your mind holds onto things vows. They were smart enough to know in order for me to get through. It had to go back in it and I wanted to the police department and became a Bee's we started..

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