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It's 5 23 now Herschel woody Williams, the last remaining Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, will lie in state at the U.S. capitol. West Virginia senator Joe Manchin announced the honor at a memorial yesterday where Williams was remembered for his courage, humility and selflessness. Williams, who died last Wednesday at the age of 98, was a legend in his native West Virginia for his heroics under fire over several crucial hours at the Battle of Iwo Jima. As a young marine Corporal, Williams went ahead of his unit in February 1945 and eliminated a series of Japanese machine gun positions. To your health, sponsored by D.C. health, get vaccinated D.C., go to vaccinate dot D.C. dot gov. China placed nearly 2 million people under lockdown in central anhui province where authorities reported nearly 300 new COVID cases today. It's the latest in a string of outbreaks testing Beijing's no tolerance approach to COVID. The outbreak and ennui were officials first found hundreds of cases last week comes as the Chinese economy begins to rebound from a months long lockdown in Shanghai and disruptive COVID restrictions in Beijing. A young designer is making a fashion statement with her new HBCU clothing line. Ashley Jones is the owner of tones of melanin, she started the brand in 2017 and decided to focus on HBCU streetwear clothing. I went to school at northern state university and, you know, when I went in my bookstore, I didn't see anything that really represented my population. Her line is now in duke's sporting goods at HBCU bookstores. All happened like really fast. We have reversible shorts. We have, of course, at your sweatshirt t-shirts. We're getting into vegan leather bags. Ashley says supporting HBCUs is her main message while creating a sense of pride. The education is top not and you're prepared for the world. Melissa, how will WTO news? A first dual language program for the schools in the Roman Catholic diocese of Arlington. Inside nova reports, saint Ambrose Catholic school in annandale is launching a program for kindergarteners this coming school year to provide reading and instruction in English and Spanish. The school says that by the time those children complete 8th grade, every student in the parish's K through 8th grade school will receive instruction in both languages. The superintendent of schools for the diocese says the hope is that the children develop the skills to help them communicate more effectively. Money news of 25 and 55, minions the rise of gru won the box office battle this weekend bringing in more than $108 million in ticket sales. By the end of today, it will likely have earned close to a $128 million. At film is on track to become one of

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