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Move on to par for the courts before we get on to all of the news and gossip and previews. One of our listeners actually did say that I should do the quiz for you today, Joel, seeing as your slightly hungover after your Christmas Day. But I think you've actually got one for me. So yeah, I have and I'm going to make it as painful for you as no, I'm joking. You can lower you can lower the past score for me, maybe. And then I can just ace it. Yeah, no, I do have another path for the courts for you and our listeners. And again, it is related to number one rankings. It will involve it's quite difficult. So I'm going to give you some clues along the way as well. But what I my topic for you and for our listeners this week is it's been over 18 years. Since someone not named Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, will rank number one. We spoke about this last week, which is just crazy, crazy, crazy sock. But what I want to know Kim is who was in the top ten. The last time that happened, so there are ten players, February 1st, 2004 in the ATP rankings. And I want you to guess how many of those you know for back in 2004 to help you. I am going to give you their nationalities. So you've got an American, you've got a Swiss, you've got a Spaniard. You've got another American. You've got an Argentinian. You've got a German, you've got another Spaniard. You've got another Argentinian. You've got an Aussie. And you've got a French man. Okay. I'm just sort of typing these down as you say. So, okay, so this is before roger Raphael. So 2004, February 1st. And I know this is quite difficult, so I've given you the countries. So I'll say them again. USA, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Australia, France, and I'm going to set the past score at 5 out of ten. I'm going to give you 50%. Okay, this is probably the toughest part of the court yet because I wasn't even following tennis in 2004. Apart from, well, apart from Wimbledon, Tim henman. As you do, as one did back in the day, okay, right, let's do this. So Switzerland has got to be Roger Federer because it where he wouldn't have been number one, and he must have been in the top ten. At this time. Correct. Roger Federer, he was ranked number two. So the Australian must have been late in Europe, I would imagine. Leighton Hewitt? Yeah. Incorrect. Didn't he win Wimbledon like? I don't know where Leighton knew it was, but he wasn't in the top ten. No. So, okay. If you've had said Mark philippoussis, it would have been correct came. Okay, so I'm obviously not getting past school, but I'll carry on and see where we get come on listeners we can do this. Carlos moya for Spain. Yes, you could have given me Carlos moya yet. Juan Carlos Ferrero? You could have given me one call a story, Kim. Yes. Argentina must be now bandy and yes, you could have given me David nalbandian. Make me hear it really does on you in, hasn't he? Honestly. The other Argentinian I'm thinking it must be are they both Argentine? Gaston gaudio. And I'm thinking of Puerto, although there was courier. Oh, Gaston gaudio? Was he no less? No. No Gaston gaudio. Gael corriere is correct though. So he was ranked number 5. Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras would be the Americans. Andre Agassi is correct. He was four. The other American actually was not Pete Sampras. The other American was Andy Roddick, yes, he was the last, well, obviously Medvedev now, but yeah, back then he was the number one ranked player Andy Roddick. Oh gosh, of course. Sorry, Roddick. And then two left, a French man. And a German. Oh, Tommy Haas, for Germany, surely. Not a bad shout, but incorrect. Nicholas kiefer? No. Nope. I'll be very impressed if you get the German and any of our listeners actually get the German player. And the French man as well is the French man is too early for songa. Oh, maybe it's like arno clemons. Oh, that is very much the right era. It's a bastion. Did he ever get to the top? Don't you remember him? Not Sebastian lodger, but it is a Sebastian. Oh, Sebastian. Oh. Nate, I'm going to have to give out. Okay. Sebastian Grosjean. Grosjean was in number ten position and the final one, the German and listeners a little applause if you were able to get this rhino shutler. I do remember seeing him at Wimbledon a few years after that. He was ranked number 6 in the world. Which I completely forgot about until right now, but yeah, he was pretty handy player. I always remember Sebastian Grosjean. I swear he played Tim henman like a thousand times at Wimbledon. But great, yeah, great double handed backhand. But yeah, those were all ten. Roddick, Federer, Ferrero, agassiz, courier shutler, moya. Now bandy and philippoussis and Grosjean. Fantastic. That's very interesting, Joel. Thank you for that part of the course. That's definitely the hardest one. I will be ruining Leighton Hewitt's inability to stay in the top ten come February 2004. I'm wonder if he got back into the top ten after that I'm sure he would have done, but we shall see. We do have a passing shot mailbag as well this week. We had quite a few questions come in. So thank you everyone who did send them in. But Emma has been chosen this week. She got in touch via email. Hello, Joel and Kim, following on from Yelena oster penko, rediscovering her French Open Grand Slam winning form from 2017 this season. Which single slam women's champion, would you next like to see magically find their form again and have a resurgence back up the rankings? So obviously, the Austrian guy won a tournament recently getting to that form of her. Back in the top ten, doing really well again. Who are you kind of going for Joel with this one? Because there's individuals just single slam champions. Still on the tour that aren't quite up there right at this moment. Yeah, I mean, Emma radda khanu obviously is the answer on everyone's lips, right? No. It's way too recent Joe. Way too recent. Yeah, no, I'm going to go, I'm going to go for Sofia kennan. Mainly because her form at the moment is shocking. She lost in the first round. I think today to had admire, she hit like 70 odd unforced errors. I feel like she's in a bad place at the moment with her with her form. I don't know what's going on with it in her camp. But it's not good and it's complete worlds away from where she was at when she did win her when she did win a maiden Grand Slam title. And given how far I think she's fallen from the tree. For me, I want to see a miracle worker come into the comment is Kennedy team and get her back up and be that fiery, no nonsense player that I think we just, you know, we see now more, I think, in Danielle Collins at the top of the rankings, but I still think there's room for Kenyan and I don't like to see how the decline has been so quick and so rapid that, yeah, I've just been a bit kind of shocked by it and you know, I don't think it's obviously going to be easy. I think she can do it. And I think she will take confidence from players like oster penko, who have done it, Stevens also has found some form. So yeah, for me kenin is my pick who I'd like to see kind of have a bit of a resurgence. But if I'm being quite honest, I can't see it happening anytime soon. Yeah, I would agree with you on all fronts, you know, I'd love to see her back up there..

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