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To residents ages 65 older, But he hasn't expend that to any large county ship that could soon change based on a conversation he had with Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner some very good insight on a distribution plan utilizing Publix. Gonna let the governor make those announcements as those plans are formalized Miami Beach commissioners making major decisions when it comes to the status of spring break. You can't stop people from coming here, but you don't have to host any organized events. That's the sentiment from residents who do not want to see Miami Beach become a super spreader. We believe there should be a spring break as in B, R a. K E and it should be advertised. As such. We ask that you put the brakes on the plans this year. Commissioners voting unanimously today to defer all organized Events, including a proposed $1.5 Million Festival on the beach and in Loomis Park until 2022 Mayor Dan Gilbert says there will be a beefed up police presence and forcing new normal guidelines and the midnight curfew will remain in place. Wendi Grossman Miami a new vaccine tourism industry is growing is more travelers head to Florida to get vaccinated. Travel agent Land staffs tells Wofl that he is booked 60 trips for New York client's age 65 older looking to get vaccinated in the Sunshine State. Florida does not have a residency requirement to receive the vaccine. On Tuesday, Florida became just the third state to record more than 1.5 million infections since early last year. The positivity rate for new cases is down slightly to 10 points. 17% in their season opener, the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning outplayed and outmatched the Chicago Blackhawks that Emily Arena the final score 5 to 1 with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. Need.

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