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On NewsRadio nine fifty. I'm Jason Scott. Good evening. Top stories at ten twenty. It's developing. Michigan state. Police tweeting out that a victim was shot in the area of I seventy five and eight mile road. MSP continuing to peace details together, but they do say the victim may have ended up at the Red Lobster in Madison heights. Drivers are being asked to avoid the area of northbound I seventy-five service drive and eight mile road. The investigation is ongoing. More cremated remains have been found at a Detroit funeral home. Police executing a search warrant this evening along Dexter avenue. But they have not named that funeral home. Stay with w w j for the latest a Canadian business denied its effort to bring a realistic sex. Dow brothel to metro Detroit Southfield mayor Kansan cyber says the moratorium was quickly put into place to prevent that business from coming into that city. We did do some research and found that. Yeah. This is apparently. Growing trend matter of fact, Rolling Stone magazine had transfer trending things for two thousand nineteen ahead listed this as a business that is spreading. And consequently where learning more about it. We just you know, this really took a surprise surprise. Mel since the moratorium the city of Southfield hasn't heard from that business and that they're looking to make that ban permanent..

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