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Next week on this show legendary singer songwriter Tom Rush. Hyde Park Art Center announces a major solo exhibition feature Fossils, Some by Chicago sculptor land was on a beautiful exhibit about the environment, sustainable living and the reality of things. September 7th through November 13th 2021 visit Hyde Park art dot org. And this is the zombies. I got my mojo working. We're going to listen here for just a second. We're waiting for Colin Blunt stone to dial in here. But let's check this out a little bit this great song and I see Levi stress over there. Rocking out, man mouth. You're walking around the world to work on my mo Jo y all round you walk out on my Mo Jo. Welcome by just up on you. And speaking of legends for one night, only Saturday, September 18th the iconic 19 sixties band, The Zombies, P. Performing Live, You're having trouble with your mouth. I was burping. Try working my mouth here a little bit. We'll be performing live from Abbey Road Studios in London. The world the the This Same one. See what I'm saying? I know I rubbed off on world tour in one night Live streaming event is the only live performance the zombies will be doing in 2021. The 75 minute performance featuring the band's current lineup, including founding members Rod Argent and Colin Blunt Stone will be streamed live again. September 18th. At noon. That specific time one p.m. right here in the city of Chicago and two p.m.. I'm sorry. Three p.m. Eastern time. Um I thought you were calling. The Oxford just turned away from the mic to burp and then no No..

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