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I mean it's really sweet. It's like super sweet It's just like drinking syrup flavored artificially flavored syrup with little. Yeah do you have to be a certain age to buy it mountain jeep because i found out today that by the mountain to variant that they so here you have to be minimum age sixteen. What really why is that is while even the variant that we so here. I think the recipes slightly different to what you guys have because there's something in that legally we can't sell here. I'm something about when is weird. Did the card you for being over sixty nets beyond found there but yeah it works quite well obviously obviously like mountain spring water. It's it's quite refreshing. Like a lot of the food. Looked really good in the mary. Despite despite not a i mean it didn't seem like they were glamorizing. The food at all it wasn't about the food but it was like dang. I just like i want the weird. I want the weird sacks of korean food that she breaks back in her luggage. Yes carribean food has always been i had. I had like one of my best friends in elementary school in early. Middle school Was he was korean and we would go to his house and his mom would always force meat. Eat so much food. But i loved it because it was. I love korea cuba cuisine so much now they made me miss it. I haven't had it forever. Now yeah. I don't know if i mean there aren't that many korean restaurants ryan but We're here worth worth checking out in the future about stuff with the With the suitcase and bringing stuff over about weighty rings trace any relatives avaz that a flying from india over here literally their suitcases filled with kaji. Nuts with chili powder with cinnamon sticks. I tell them i go about. People are trying to shop stuff in my suitcase. Please go get it away from me. When i came back from france i i was going to just bring like four pieces of cheese. Because they're cheeses so it's so much better it's just it's so good it's It has to do with the pasteurization. But that's a separate thing the lack of pasteurization but But so i was gonna get like a vacuum pack of of the cheese. And then i was like. That's not enough so i went back like god like another vacuum pack cheese. That's not enough so anyways. But i ended up getting thirteen. Thirteen like pieces of cheese Not allowed to bring back. Did not clear them but they were just like in random sweatshirts and what was funny. What was so sad about as i brought so much. Cheese didn't even finish it before it like bad. We're like eating so much cheese. It was so great that i would trade. It readily smuggle food back from whatever country. You're going to just essential part of travel. You're like all nervous talking to the tsa agents at the border. You're like you have any. No i don't know why would you think i'd have. I guess what about this film like has brought it this much national attention because it's a small. It's a small movie. There's been other interesting small movies this year. But like what kind of brought it to the forefront like this thought say the foam is is an immigrant experience about the sacrifices that we make and off designed to help one another but also understand one another The story itself is it sort of imbued virus cons upon ship and courage along waves this sort of intrinsic humanity that we all share sire immigrant story and not everybody might be able to directly relate to that lee isaac chung the direct He creates these characters. So that rendered cy honestly and treats the as people and humanizes them and these are people that we can all relate to so there was this commonality at the end of the day that we'll show these characters in the movie that's moments in that we can all relate to and on shed some kind of connection with. I mean we not be able to speak the same language lead the same food or we practice the same faith but those familial relationships and the work ethic legacy that somebody wants to leave behind and even the level of care you know those kind kinda believes for that was yeah. Good thing you went. I think for you. I was just basically What i thought was the reason that resonated with so many people is because like so many people can can like relate to whether it's david the son and you know his familiar problems when you're a kid and how you see them when you're a kid or with Jacob the father you know try and keep this family together while also trying to find his sense of self worth you know And really i think this whole movie is is. The important part is kind of trying to. It's like the importance of family while also trying to find your place And that really resonates with with pretty much. Everybody and i think it's a really important thing to to be able to make a movie about mc message about and i think it resonated so much because lee isaac chung the director like needed autobiographical Somewhat so very real account of an immigrant family and that's makes it feel so much more genuine you know. I wish i really wish more directors would do something like this because it really does give such like a real genuine field to the movie which instantly makes any movie better. I mean no matter what. The movie's about so Yeah i think it's really easy to resonate with a lot of people so for sure that one of the reasons it was pushed so far. Yeah i mean. I mean finding your place is an interesting way to put it for sure and i think i mean not to bring it back nomad land but i think that's that. Yeah this moment. Almost on opposite sides of the spectrum in that would very much about like no. We're going to like make this place our home and mcdormand leads like i don't want to be tied down anywhere i just want to wander and live.

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