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On bears layers of childhood that are so difficult and hard to talk about, and Um I just had to let go of the idea that this is too much for people to take on more for them today Jazz, and I also realized that I had found a way to digest it. And so if people can't Find a way to listen to it. Or to make room for me to create different narratives. Then what the heck? No, right. Right, right. You're listening to Shino Miller in conversation with Gaea Tolentino. This is city arts and lectures. This is as someone that cannot whatsoever I'm this's like I'm wondering how How the process differs from one to the other. Like, so I was thinking like when I'm writing, it is often translating an image are feeling into words. But I'm wondering how often when you Our cartoon and you aren't Like Dude, does it ever work are you isn't like you're taking an image and making an image or you have words that you're like, How does it How does the How does the act of getting something on paper differ from one medium to the other for you. Suddenly it was like writing for me. It's so arduous and Time consuming and it's like coding, but you're moving little letters around like, Oh, the feeling doesn't hit right. And when I like, reconfigure these 26 letters, something internals than a breast and it's going to be Right. Where's drawing? There's so many less rules around it. I don't think as much when I'm Trying, and that's sort of what I like about it like I draw to figure out what I'm thinking. I remember in school the fact that I would draw little characters like urinating on graphs or like cutting up A little number with the tiny knife. I was like, Oh, clearly. This. I'm angry that I'm in this class, you know, like, but I can doodle for hours and then look back in my doodles and be like, Hey, buddy, decode. That's how I feel about writing. Actually, I mean, and I also feel that it is arduous and bad. But But, yeah, it's It's funny. It's funny to Will you write in the memoir right that before you started writing the victim impact statement you had written you had drawn all night. Basically, it's like, so it's like one is a loosening. Yeah, and the other one? Absolutely. It is like precision. Ugh. It's like an unschooling of my brain. What's your favorite figure in that drawing that you did before? Reading the statement. Is there Is there one that you like? Feel really? There's a little slug wearing a star, and I was like you're so sweet. What kind of what kind of a scarf is it? Is it a plant? Scar? Visit pattern? I think it was straight. Nice started coloring it in. Like there's this huge black and white piece and I started painting in all the little things and Lucas was like you procrastinating writing. Your statement was like I must keep coloring. And now you have let's talk about the mural that you have at the Asian Art Museum. Also, you have to give me I nine weeks ago, I had a baby. I have a half Asian baby who looks extremely white. So you have to give me tips on how I could make my half Asian baby connected to her culture. But you had said you'd set on your instagram. I like you were talking about this mural. Just talk about it generally and like what it is. Is to have something up at the Asian Museum for you. I also saw that you were a fan of minor feelings by Kathy Park Hong, which has just come on. I mean, you know, Yeah, I think maybe the best nonfiction book I will read this year. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, Krystle. Even the being called to do the peace being brought into meeting and saying You know what? He wanted to dio and they're like we wanted to film this whole wall. Yeah, yeah. Like I said, does it have to be related to my song that I know? And so I think that's so amazing. I mean that someone actively Cutting something I'm tethered Teo or fear that I would be forever tethered to Onda again, creating literal blank space for me to fill. Um and helping me continue my story. Write. My story doesn't end with the end of the book and the conclusion of the case like there's so much more to say, and I think that's true for All survivors like we all have random interests and talents that we don't You usually have the space to talk about, Um And so that was an amazing feeling. I got to go home and make dozens of drawings, you know, like, bundle them in my arms like shuffle back to the museum, lay them out across the table. We talk to each one. Think about what's best for the space. Um I loved working with other people writing with some solitary it kind of gave me a peek until what it would be like, just just being like this is who I am. And this is I'm doing what you think you know, because writing was so by myself for so long. They can't wait to see it in person. And it's amazing that's at the Asian art Museum like that's a big deal, and I think I was slow, Tio Awaken into my like Asian identity. I know it was something that was overlooked during my case and something I had to keep pointing to to be like this is important. I'm I'm still trying to figure out how to tell you why it is, but I know it is based on my lived experience. So it's It's amazing. I mean that. I hope I just keep.

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