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Much m. r. a memo are. Pg i say yeah and there's things like about those gains but then there's also things i hate about them like the thing i like is like the thing i like about any game. That is a big is like. I like upgrading equipment like gear and translates to me. Personally my life like i like i like to buy new shoes so including in so wanna get into a vegan. Lets me do that. I like it but then it has the bad parts of the online rpg in that lake to complete a quest. You're going from here to here to here to here to here at unlike slaying three like dragons and then collecting the dragon's fangs. So the good news is on this. One i used to play world of warcraft. Is like you'd have to kill twenty five dragons just for three dragon fangs. Drops and this one is just like go. Kill three animals or dragons mc dragons. 'cause killing animals just sound psychotic when you say it. Yeah yeah those weird phrasing on that. A resident said because i didn't think of dragons his animals until the second. That's what i'm saying. That's why that's why it's better to say like because they do. Have you kill like animals in the game. But they're they're mystical animals but animals nonetheless. It's for good reason. It's to provide an Npc with some like material to make easy house. I don't know. I fucking hate. At what animal. I despise komodo dragons every time i see them. It's the same with crocodiles. It's like seeing a dinosaur. You know. I hate even looking at them. It freaked me out. See i you know. I've express my hate for crocodiles. And i like alligators a little more than crocodiles. But i love things that look like lizards to me lizards. Just look like. They're chilling komodo though because komodos seem like they walk around like they're built like so thick like other gigantic. Yeah there's suit. They have a really big arms legs and all that have that long tongue thing. That's slithers out. No but it's still. It's still got that chill lizard by you know like every every time if you were to make a cartoon iguana what would you put on guana lizard tonight. Use a pair of sunglasses on the iguana right. Like if you google cartoon. Iguana has are wearing sunglasses. There's this natural inclination to just make lizards chill on. I feel komodo dragons even though they'll kill you From a distance seem pretty chill that excellent tongue be great marketing actually for like a new energy drink band just like have their mascot. Be a komodo dragon. Sunglasses on give like a nice pair of ray bans or whatever go out by that dude lizards just except for chameleons. Because they're the you gotta see the chameleons is to get the full chameleon effect the lizards or just made it worse on glasses one picture of a what's called It's like a cartoon of godzilla and he's saying that wasn't very cash money of you like that. I think about that picture over time. And and i agree with you that it is very great lizard. Look to be a sunglasses guy. Lizard lizards are unbound. I'm president i'm just saying like we. We have to have a pair of sunglasses on every lizard by twenty thirty. Just.

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