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You may not witness bullying like this every day your kids do they want to help but they don't know how visit stop bullying dot Gov to learn safe simple ways your child child can help stop bullying be more than vice standards. Stop Bullying Dot Gov a message from the Ad Council you own a performance and you know how to drive but you WANNA learn real performance in striving well monkey that car off the street and onto the track summit point motorsports park the mid Atlantic premier road racing facility located just over an hour from DC in nearby nearby summit point West Virginia is the place to go and you'll find that Friday at the track is going to give you what you need for less than a monthly car payment you can attend this regularly scheduled told one day instructional event in Your Streetcar on one of Summit Point three world class road racing circuits. You'll receive classroom instruction skit pat instruction in their cars including Front and Rear Skid Control and four twenty minute in your car instructional sessions from a professional instructor have fun go fast and really learn how to drive call three. Oh four seventy five eight four four four for class schedules and detailed. That's three zero four seven two five eight four four four Friday at the DRAC at summit point motorsports bar the performance motorsports network if a compilation of shows about motor sports from technical to controversy`l to just fund everything you like about raising a gearhead stuff is right here on one Internet channel the performance motorsports older sports network. Tell your friends about hi. I'm Jesse love and you're listening to race chaser radio now back to the show welcome back to motorsports madness powered by my computer career dot. Edu Training for a Better.

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