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The sons can do. Ali Ventnor K to our news. We're winning. This sends fans feeling pretty good, too. After last night's big win best friends Nicole Jones and Sonya Tayeh were at the game and call this series a long time coming. It's just all the excitement. It's like unfinished business from back when we were young. It's great friends. Fans are letting the Bucks know just how much they want this title, with some describing the arena as positively electric. The whole arena, practically shaking last night from eager sends fans ready to finally take home that big win. Game two is tomorrow night. Arizona votes the Arizona Legislature took away much of her power to investigate election fraud. So Arizona's Democratic secretary of state asks the Republican attorney general to do it for her KTRS Deborah Dale is live in the news center to explain well Becky Lynn Katie Hobbs sent a letter to Mark Burnett Bitch today asking him to investigate attempts by Donald Trump and his backers to get Maricopa County supervisors to modify election results. All while the November vote was still being counted, Hobbs says Arizona law protects election officials from those who try to interfere with their duties to count and certify the will of the vote. Voters. She asked Mark Burnett bitch to refer the matter to another agency of his ethical duties prevent him from investigating the matter. So far, no reply. We live in the news centre Deborah Dale K T. A R news. Prosecutors can offer plea deals while getting defendants to wave due process in court. The L U. Is suing the Maricopa County attorney to stop that. Katie are Peter Seymour joins us live with this story. Becky. The group accuses prosecutors of retaliating If defendants don't accept they make plea offers quote unquote substantially harsher. That's their words, not ours if people being accused assert their constitutional rights a C L U Attorney sawmill Tavi Trivedi says the Early disposition. Courts helped prosecutors quickly Wade through thousands of cases, mostly drug offenses. It's much easier to pressure people out of their rights than to actually comply. Prosecutors actually have to dig in and investigate the case and disclose more evidence to the opposition. The county attorney's office won't comment on this pending federal litigation. Live in the news centre. Peter Seymour, Katya, Our news coronavirus in Arizona. Are we seeing another spike in cases in Arizona? According to the Department of Health Services, the weekly percent positivity for diagnostic testing hit a five month high last week at 7%. 7% is definitely on the higher end, especially now that we have vaccines available for everyone 12 and older. Infectious disease specialist, Dr Simone Weil's tells Katie are the rising number of cases tells her There are areas here that have still not been vaccinated well. The Prescott National Forest lifted its closures today. These closures were implemented due to heightened wildfire danger that has since decreased due to some recent rain. Officials say fire restrictions on campfires and other activities are still in effect, though a 77 year old woman is dead after being attacked by her neighbors, dogs PHOENIX police say Maria Ruiz was on her front porch near Sixth Street and Broadway when the four Staffordshire terriers attacked The dog's owner, 33 year old Alejandro Hernandez, was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide. He told police the dogs had gotten out of his yard several other times and had been neighbors. Well, just a little bit more about the sons. If you didn't get a chance to get tickets to last night's game, there's a local hotel that's giving you the opportunity to celebrate in style. You can now stay in the sun steamed hotel room at Hilo Rivers Wild Horse Pass Hotel. The room features a wall where you can compare heights with the Suns players and the original floorboards from the Sun's home court to have a sent a with the hotel tells Katie a are the team spirit doesn't end there. On the four weeks we personalize some of our our blackjack tables. That have the.

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