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Here comes Jamal Murray. Shovel bask top of the key to Mason Plumlee, high left side Nicola Yogesh Yokich back out on top to Murray had faked on the three he backs up out of his hands in a steel by James Johnson. He's having a tough night outlet pass Richardson driving a jump pass over to get it goes off of his legs and out of our rich didn't want to challenge the Chola guy jumps up and just faded out of bounds at a rate between the legs of. And here comes Jamal Mary again for Denver Murray has it up the right side. Got it out there by Winslow. He throws it left side, Nicole Yokich inside the Arctic Mason Plumlee Plumlee backdoor, cut apart. But he falls down. That'll be eternal run Denver. He was slow to back cut. It was open. And then he just tripped. Tough nights for will Barton and Jamal Murray combined their five twenty three. The ice. With that Denver still shooting. Forty four percent Winslow has it over to change Johnson straddles a three point linebacker Richardson for three jumpers? No, good rebound. Own cat, lost taken away by Mason Plumlee. Outlet pass over to Jamal Murray by seventeen points, less than four minutes to go Murray bounce pass on the elbow to Mason Plumlee working against James Johnson. Spins the paint throws out of it. The Beasley catching goal baseline jump shots on the way that one's no good rebound down to all. Nick. Only has it across the timeline is up the right side and Zoff behind him to Winslow had fake on the three Winslow backs up. Mason plumlee. Goes down in the low block over the all Nick head fake on joker throws out of it, catching go Richardson back over all Nick, he'll take a step back three pointer. Good. Really impressive. Right. Their head fake on a guard gets Barton to fly by the steps to the side box about nugget leaders at fourteen points will Barton has it on the high left side. He Yokich at the elbow. Kick it out on top Jamal Murray wide open cream that was good for Jamal. A century Mark or back into a seventeen point lead one hundred eighty three and we have three minutes to go. I love it's mcgruder throws back out behind him over to James Johnson. Dion waiters now between his legs left side. Only can another three that one's. No, good rebound down Jamal, Marie and traffic Murray has it across the timeline. Denver could start milking the clock down to forty left to go. The basketball game. Murray has at the midcourt circle slipped. Picked by Yokich Murray picks up the dribble, skipped past a Beasley had fake on the three gets in the paint goes down to the other elbow. Now. He's guarded by all Nick with four on the clock. He attacks again gets down the lean dump, but it's blocked by the rim if he uses left anyway, I turn it over outlet pass picked off by Jamal Murray behind the back to Beasley the corner for three. By twenty two fifteen on Obama Heaton, Denver. And this thing is. Had to get it. Top of the key. It's own only back over on the west side. He gets it over to Winslow Winslow alleyoop coming down with it is Richardson saves it from going out of bounds right to Winslow loading dock with two hands hard. Dunkin Robinson set to.

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