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Morning at 7 15. I'm Toni Kroos could check in this morning news news radio 8 $40 a chance happen to have with us this scene that editor at large in share, joining us this morning and in thanks for being a part of our program today, In a nutshell, for lay people like myself. What's it mean that we saw that hike and silver yesterday that's linked to the Reddit Gamestop group. Well, it's hard to tell. I mean part of the problem with the way that the Internet works, and the way that the stock market works is it's hard to tell exactly who's doing what at any given time. There are rumors that the reason Silver jumped. I think eight times yesterday was behind it was because of these people on this read it form calls well, street bets, which have been in a lock to battle with hedge funds, right people who bet against the success of companies. And essentially have been trying to drive game stops. Stock up Pretty successfully s O. Now there are rumors that they've moved on to helping silver jump as well as AMC stock gnocchi, a bunch of other ones. Again. It's hard to tell whether or not that's actually true, but that's what all of the rumors are right now. So how does this trickle down to the consumers? I mean, when you see a big jump in silver That means the products that are gonna be made here in the next few weeks, at least, are going toe the price. We're gonna have to soar and go up. I would imagine that would be impact a lot of different companies. I would I would think. He could, you know, generally speaking, one thing we've learned from companies like Southwest, for example, and you remember them the airliner during the recession? They did pretty okay. And part of that was because they were very good at buying and selling oil at the right time. So you know, any manufacturer of its using silver, in theory has a similar operation in place. But over time, Yeah, it means that the price of silver goes up, And that means that stuff they use. The silver goes up in price. But right now, I wouldn't worry about that. At the moment. I think what we are looking to learn a little more about is whether or not this is a sign of You know this kind of battle on Wall Street between these people on the Internet and these hedge funds, whether that's spreading to other places, or if this is a sign of some other stuff happening in the market, which could always be the case. Well, well, A lot of people didn't know about Hitch Bunch until we saw the crisis in 2007 and eight right and these guys became rich and And then everybody goes. Betting against people is a terrible thing. So hedge funders. You know, A lot of people are unhappy about that. But this could kind of changed things. I guess what the final point is. It looks like online e training is here to stay. They used to not have the impact that they obviously can't have now on the market. So what should investors maybe do or those people that are concerned about their 401 K? Yes. So the number one thing I always recommend something we write about on CNN all the time. Make sure you talk to a financial professional. Do not go off of what I say on the air. But it is important to make sure that you are thinking through how your For one case set. You know, a lot of people do set it and forget it. And that is something that's okay in stable times. But when things are unstable It is never a bad idea to go and call the people in charge of your for one k and say, Hey, what should we do? I'm worried about ex. How can we take care of why? And that is that's always a good I mean, you're paying them every year to be there on the phone. Use it well, said he and thank you for your time. CNBC that chapter largely, and sure breaking downpours here on Kentucky and sporting News where it's 20 minutes after seven at news radio 8 40 w H A s Lady by the name of Marjorie Taylor. Greene is really getting roasted as she's been in Congress. She's a Q A nonbeliever from the Republican Party, and some are calling for her to at least be centered. We'll find out more details coming up in 7 45 about this even It's McConnell said something on the Senate floor about her yesterday, 20 minutes after seven, though Scott Fitzgerald has checking sports coming your way next, and will Clark, his headlines follow the hour asking What's behind a name? Well at shady Grove Fertility. Not only are we home to 85,000 babies born and counting, we're also proud to have.

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