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Nova sports medicine in virginia when choose the elite position for both the washington redskins and the washington nationals what does it mean to you to be the first female head doctor in the history of both major league baseball and the nfl i don't even think about it i never and never really crossed my mind i never i think of myself as the franc we saw for ourselves that a skins exhibition game knows taco phil taylor went down on a cloudy and west ran on the field she examined him there i am back on the sideline for what turned out to be a season ending terror this left quadriceps muscle west told us how different injuries are in the and overuse typically and basefall revealing modest shoulder and elbow injuries and baseball and football it's a lot of traumatic injuries highenergy or injuries that we have to really manage frankly stops another different invade ace boll and injured player is out of the game but in football the coaches are in my ear as i am examining he got a place you got to play i have to decide at that pretty quickly but west emphasizes how she makes that decision i'm deb players gotha right so it i want the best for the player so obviously i don't work for the team i want the team to do well but i said look at the player's best interest is being a woman an advantage or disadvantage to doing your job wason football a lot of them were raised by their mothers and their grandmothers and so they have they hold women in a very high regard and they come to me we'll tell me more information and they have harry trusting i thank seeking dr west usually does any reconstructive surgery but she says psychological outlook is key to getting players back on the field at one of my players today playoff it on last week said he's a mentor mental fortress i i have another player who's coming to me and say i'm just said oppress them not around my team i and they're coming to me and are asking me for help on the mental side growing up west was interested in the human body her mom noticed when i was five she got me a graze anatomy bucks christmas line that was my president i.

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