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Baseball announcer. Marty Brennaman retired. Wow. Forty five years in the game. I was gonna say he's done it for a long long time. He was doing it. When I was a kid in Cincinnati. He was the reds play by play guy. When I was a kid gosh. That's how long he's been doing it. Many son. Tom does baseball and football. Thom brenneman. Yeah. His son's really good. Yeah. Marty. I think also had a run he did some national stuff too. I believe your son is about our age. Okay. Well, how old would mardi be mardi has to be an is. It doesn't have to be. But I'll bet mardi is in his eighties. I would think maybe seventy six Brandon says, okay? Okay. Really to be six kids young. What a career right? Yeah. What a career good for him. Great career. And then another sports note, James harden. From the rockets seventeen straight games of scoring thirty plus points. He said in that in that streak three times. He's over fifty. Wow. That is the longest streak since will Chamberlain back sixty three sixty four. So this is this doesn't happen. Very often. Yes. -nificant store stuff was he went one for seventeen from three the other night Sunday. Maybe so I was like, oh, that's. Snap. Don't even pay attention. And then I see that he's still managed to score forty in that game for the game. He's I don't know. But James harden to be consent me James harden is an unbelievably good score. He can score and he can score on anybody. But for him to have the kind of legacy that he wants whenever it's time for him to be done. He's got to. He's got to have more success in the postseason. It just has to happen. Yeah. Maybe he'll end up. You know, getting traded to a like a warriors team by speaking of the warriors, man what a blow out last night that was settled in this game. And I blinked and was twenty four to eleven and I'm thinking, that's okay. Denver long game. And it at the end of the first quarter. It was fifty one to thirty eight that was the most points ever scored in NBA history in an opening quarter. They had fifty one points. I don't wash a lot of NBA in the regular season. But I know the nuggets are doing well. Twelve th straight home games with wins. Until last night. I'll tell you what the last night because Denver Denver fell asleep a little bit early defensively. And then they all started rolling for the warriors. Right. I mean Klay Thompson was hitting and Steph curry was hitting and the big the big fellow was hitting them. I'm like this. This is going to get away from it seemed to me that the warriors were really focused in the game. And like, you know, you guys think you're good. They show you what good is beaten him before they came in and said, okay, it's time to show you what this is all about have our full attention. Exactly. And and. Yeah. And when the playoffs come it's a whole different game. I looked up hardens box score in that lost the magic on Sunday. They lost one sixteen zero nine he was eleven of thirty two from the field one of seventeen from three. And then fifteen sixteen at the line so eleven of thirty two so he made a bunch of. Is two pointers and a bunch of free fifteen from two point range in great at the free throw line, which is at one and seventeen is historically bad. I think he tied someone else's gonna want to seventeen Starks did that in the finals right for Houston. I mean against Houston for the Knicks. Yeah. They wouldn't put relondo Blackman just take a couple of shots. So you watch a lot of basketball, you watch the nuggets a lot. Yeah. They're obviously better. But do you think that they they're ready to compete for a title? I think I think that I mean, I could create a scenario honestly that they could find themselves in the Western Conference finals. I think they've got a good young team. They play well together. I mean for the most part they're much better defensively this year, they didn't play very good defense last night. But that happens at times, especially with that crew they were playing, but I don't think they could be Golden State in seven game series and the playoffs. I mean, if everybody's healthy and plain Houston has got off to a horrible start. Now, they're playing better. They've been doing it without Chris Paul so Houston's going to factor in there too. But Denver, I think is right there. You know, I think I think it'd be an interesting they have a hard time matching up with Houston. But I wouldn't make it a no-hoper they played the rockets in the seven game series. And I think anybody else in the west I think they'd have a chance to beat seems like in the NBA you have to have at least one superstar on your team nowadays, you have to have like three sometimes two or three and the nuggets don't have a superstar yet. Well, Yokich Yokich you call him a superstar. Absolutely, really, absolutely. I think he may become one. But I don't think anybody around the league knows who he is. Well, I I would say in the country. I mean, well, maybe not in terms of NBA fans because he plays in Denver. Right. But I think I think NBA people know who he is Charles Barkley. I heard on TNT probably a couple of weeks ago, say listen, right? I would vote for him right now is the MVP. I heard that as well. And he got my attention. Yeah. Big time. Because I think you gotta have that one guy that can take over a game. On. They've got a bunch of good players to really good players. Right. I mean Jamal Murray is going to be a real. I mean, he's a really good player. They've got guys. But they don't have as you said. I mean, all the great teams you look at Golden State that seems a bit unfair with what they have Houston. I mean, Chris Paul's a great player, James Harden's. A great player superstars club Capellas. Really good player. Right. So it'll be interesting. But I do think the nuggets can make a deep run this year into the player. Okay. Well, that's encouraging. Yeah. That'd be fun. Longtime nuggets have never won the title. But it's been quite a while since they got to the finals the Western Conference finals eighty-five. Wow. Didn't they do under George Karl? But they never be conference by the Lakers. Always. Okay. Yeah. I don't think. Hey, Brandon George didn't get them to the Western Conference finals. Right. Oh, nine with Chauncey. Trevor REEs kept stealing the pass. The Lakers that that was my apologies. Yeah. They got. They got there and eighty five that got beat by the Lakers Matombo. No. That was the English isel and fat leever enhanced didn't they get to win Matombo was here. And then he was just when they made the playoffs. Yes. When they they were the eighth seed they beat Seattle that year, the number one. The George Carlin was the coach I was doing the nugget TV, Pakistan back and forth. And then they play Utah in the next series. Seven games went down with down three games to none. Then won the next three games. Took him to a game seven in lost in Salt Lake. I remember living in L A in the eighties. When the Lakers were just so must have been just so much fun, then and then looking at the nuggets from afar, and like, wow. These guys are good. Yeah. I remember thinking these guys are really good scored a lot of points. But the Lakers were always better. That was Doug Moe was Doug, the Doug believe that what the Lakers disliked most was a team that would cause the Lakers wanted to run and run a lot of teams tried to slow them slow it down Doug believed. What they don't like. Is you run back at them? They run we run. And it was really entertaining defense. But it was entertaining basketball five twenty six what break here for some news. You're listening to Lewis and Logan, this KOA NewsRadio. There are some things that you just can't.

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