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Sleeping. He did not need to be late there. We had to wake him up. Okay. It's early. Okay, you understand why that's funny is because Hillary, I did not do anything intentionally wrong. She just used a private server and there were I think ended up being like three emails with a just like a small seat mutation that was inadvertent. Yeah, 300. Totally inadvertent mostly. The wedding plans in risotto recipes and stuff. So that's why that's funny that the very same issue. Okay. The most damaging thing they could leak was Leon Panetta's risotto recipe. Right. Right. Okay, Andrew workman says, not only will it not inside a second Civil War, Trump's indictment prosecution conviction and imprisonment are necessary steps to repair the damage he's done to the country and ensure the survival of the rule of law, the justice system, the constitution and democracy. Thank you. Point of order. Daryl Hannah. Yeah. Merchants from the ocean had some thoughts. I had to go make sure that I was really her. Yeah, that's right. She was also a badass and kill Bill. Right? Yes. Okay, that one. That's your whole hand. That Daryl hammer. Says reminder, reality winner was sentenced to 5 years and three months in federal prison for leaking one intelligence report about Russia's interference in the 2016 United States elections and talk about political use of the Justice Department. That's because it was Trump's Justice Department and that's the thing he write wanted people to keep trying to because it went against his grain of O's of witch hunt and proved that it absolutely, once again, that's why she did it is yes, Russia interfered to installed Donald Trump in our election, which is I'm sure part of what's in our secrets that he stole, right? He stole the what do you call it, cross fire hurricane, still in his obsession to try to prove that Trump Russia was nothing. He tapped me. Right. You think he would have released that first if there was any kind of right exoneration for him in that? Oh my

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