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All right. This is back. This is where we start talking about football. Or the Rams are going to be able to do with. No one's able to do Kirk Morrison is here are they going to be able to get hands on Tom Brady because so far this season. Nobody has. Yeah. He's he's not been sacked. So we know the next time you get sacked will be his first postseason AFC championship game. And I was looking at him after the game. And I'm like jersey shirt white that mean that he wouldn't hit. He didn't fall on the ground. Like, you gotta get hits on them. But the thing is he knows where to go with the football when a ball snap. So there is no way of truly get into them. So the outside Russia's going to be ineffective. You know? We're Dante Fowler ever. Come. It's going to be on Aaron Donald Michael Brocker. Dominic ensue? They gotta get some push. And they gotta find a way to get them into third down. That's all it is third long. That's the only time Tom hold onto the ball is third down. But first second. Now if you don't win those downs if you don't get. Raritan to he's. How do you disrupt the timing in getting off his Mark not just rushing, right? But it got to be some other things that you have to do to make him recon load again pull the ball down. What would that be? It's tough because you would say that the look on the outside. Whether it's Marcus Peters, a key to leave showing off and then coming up late and plan, you know, bump and run or is it maybe going from zone. Look to a man thing as Tom knows that that's a crazy. Tom knows when you're gonna change. So it's not really changing what you do. You've got your your parents got to be great. So Donald has to be he has to be great. But statistically, anyway, this has been one of Tom's most down years in terms of what in terms of statistics in terms of QB Radi percentage. All those key sort of writings that he has dominated. You know, certainly, synthesis pension significantly down this year and on top of that they were losing and they were woeful on the road. So understand that he's been comfortable with the postseason. But there are things that have happened in the regular season that you gotta think that way able to Scott late that he can replicate. The Super Bowl. The patriots gonna do one thing. Just trying to try to ramps. They go run the football. They don't make court. Little look Mark, Barron autumn do have to stop the run. They stopped Zeki they stopped Alvin Kamara they stopped Mark Ingram. So think that all of a sudden whether it's white or whether Sony Michelle birkhead or whoever it is they wanna bring it bring the Rams have done really well against his it's the commitment to it though. There's team who say they want to run the football. And then get off doing that. But it's a commitment of what they do. They don't do it out eleven personnel. They fullback all of the other teams. I don't have access lineup in shock. Patriots lineup to fullbacks, you know, tidings of all off. So they and when you look at Tom ratings numbers his numbers may be down. When you look at they still put up forty five points against the chargers, and he'd even throw the ball. It's running the football. So the Rams cannot have any three announced all instantly much like the the Rams offense. Patriots kind of do some of the same principles and things in terms of like courtesy, and it's the attempts not necessarily yours of the style of play..

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