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Candor got married over the weekend off they did it in it be saw he marietta lara croft he actually so pretty she is uh and he's just too he's a sea ice doug is awesome he's back nida he's back data put the ring on with his mind brushed mild i didn't know that it's a maze of pretty cool uh the love birds exchanged vows ads lug garang zsa farmstead resort in front of friends and family you know the rumor without spend a right oxygen has a big penis ja uh in photographs captured on the sunday a on sunday by the daily mail the candor and faz bender are wearing bans on the ring fingers on the pictures they largest they're having a good time yeah it looks glenwood you know look at the the careers on fire he's megido she's lara croft now before the ceremony the pair was spotted hang on the spanish island on friday of a candor was wearing a white summary gown with a matching sunglasses and fast better showing off his absence shorts in and unbuttoned shirt yeah like we all do show for abson stuff in our shores ensure uh they got to know each other during the shooting of two thousand sixteen the light between oceans in which for candor played his wife and while promoting the movie the camera told entertainment weekly that she and fast better like to keep their private life just that pride it i should is he said i i think we've made a clear statement that we keep certain things just between us a she said it was a very easy to unite but that's quite personal they made their public debut as a couple of the golden globes last year and now they are husband and isn't that special it's a good couple i think these two i think bella yeah a couple ethic they'll go the district couple we'll see the disgraced glee star mark sailing this is the pedophile yet may have attempted suicide for pleading guilty to possession of child pornography tmz reports according the website selling attempted to slit his wrist on august twenty second selling men allegedly pat linked panicked and screamed at the.

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