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If you feel like your pets vet bills are through the roof. You're not alone. Apparently the animal healthcare system suffers many of the same problems as the human medical care system. That's according to a new report. From researchers at both stanford and mit now both of those healthcare systems have reportedly seen a huge increase in dollars spent on end of life care lately and there is no denying that we are more than willing to shell out a piece of our savings to keep our furry friends healthy well according to the american pet products association. Pet owners in the us spend over fifteen billion dollars on veterinary care last year and spending on pats. Medical bills has even outpaced that of human medical bills. That's pretty amazing. Data from the consumer expenditure survey shows the percentage of human physicians jumped by forty percent while the number of veterinarians nearly doubled amazing how the field of animals growing now pet owners in new york can now take their furry trusted companions with them to the grave if they wish since the governor has now signed legislation that makes it legal for the cremated remains of pets to be interred with your owners said any of the approximately nineteen hundred. Not for profit cemeteries in new york and those are all regulated by the state the new law. Which does not apply on the other hand to cemeteries that are owned or operated by religious associations or societies comes three years after the state made it legal for pet cemeteries to accept. The cremated remains of humans who wanted to be buried with their pets. Didn't know about that one now. Supporters of the measure cited statistics showing that sixty two percent of. Us households have a pet these days and among the most famous that garnered the most attention in the big apple was Woman who wanted to be buried with her pet leona helmsley with that name. Oh yeah. The hotel heiress dubbed the queen of mean. She kind of got the ball rolling on this. She died in two thousand seven and had in her will that she wanted her pampered. Pooch female trouble interred with her in the twelve thousand square foot family mausoleum trouble died five years ago but back then there were no laws in the state that allowed them to be buried together but at twelve thousand foot square foot mausoleum. That's like five of ninety s Like seven of my house. That's all twelve of marez egyptians the ancient egyptians all got buried with their pets. Why the heck can't we get married. I wonder when it stopped being legal. Because i'm sure years ago in the eighteen. Hundreds of people were probably buried with their pets all the time. I thought it was fascinating that they allowed in new york for owners pet parents to be buried with their pets in a pet cemetery. I mean who would even think of that. But it's a great idea if they if you really want to be buried with your pet but now of course not to do that anymore. Here is the latest in the. Is it safer my pet to sleep in bed with me debate. You know since debates are all the rage get ready now. If you kick your dog off the bed every night you might wanna stock up on some apology traits. Just a warning. New study of one hundred fifty people conducted by the prestigious mayoclinic on sleep has found that contrary to popular belief. Sleeping with your pets doesn't actually disrupt your sleep as much as you might think. In fact it offers most people you know sense of security safety helping them get a better night's sleep twenty percent of the people in this study said their pets did disturb their sleep though but forty one percent believe that having a pet in the bedroom actually helps them sleep better. The researchers said that some people find that sleeping with their pet actually helps them to kind of feel warming cozy but this is probably the most interesting thing that people don't think about most people who complained their pets disturbing their sleep actually had multiple pets in the bed near. that'll do. It just multiplies. The chance that your sleep is going to be disrupted or there's going to be a dogfight on the bed. We don't have that. But they say cats or more because they're more active at nighttime dogs are probably less likely to bother your sleep then again. Is it diminishes sex. I'll tell you that you don't want the pet in a room at that point as we gotta get you gotta put the pep side the room. Thank you know. Come true come on. Let's let's let's let's talk reality petting. The bed. isn't always good cocaine. Well fido's looking at me you know it's like j- judging me or something like that exactly and that's how i feel exactly like he's going to hold up a card with a seven point something rating or something you know. Sometimes my dog laughs. So i get i get a complex. Are we done. I think we're done i. I am so embarrassed you guys. I'm also lorie brooks get more breaking news anytime. Animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news. Update brought to you by fear free. The veterinarian isn't typically thought of as your pets favorite place to go with fear. Free that all changes to learn more and find a certified fear free veterinary professional near you. 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