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Loud is presented by money lion and by Hercules tire. What he came joining you again for our Auto Club speedway edition as we get set the head to southern California and who better to talk to about that then a California guy himself the man who finished second at Las Vegas Motor speedway the driver of the number twenty one Ford Mustang for the weather's Matt Benedetto Matt. Congratulations on a strong. Start to the season and now You go back to your roots a little bit after thank you. That was a good way to start off. You Know Daytona side Starting off year. Vegas I kinda normal race of the year I guess and then So yeah cool way to start going back going back to the home state now for you. Kind of lose track of how big California is when they talk about home state. You're from the area called Grass Valley. How close is that? The Auto Club speedway is that I imagine very different from that particular area right. Yeah for sure I grew up in northern California. Grass valley was probably about an hour away from The Sacramento area in the foothills Sacramento so Auto clubs probably I think Some of my family usually drive down there. It's about a seven ish hour drive so pretty far south. Yeah but I actually had a lot of family that You know lived in La so it's still a family down that way. No you live in North Carolina now but a lot of folks talk about the difference between nor cow and so cal northern California and Southern California. How would you describe the difference? Yeah they're completely different work so you know what people are like. Oh you grew up in California. Was crazy busy up like do. We grew up in a even smaller town than I live in North Carolina. Hickory figuring out there so it's It was pretty Nice area. There really really quiet And basically it was just in the foothills there so very very small town. So that's kind of what I've been a accustomed to growing up and that's why even moving hickory North Carolina people are like. Oh you live in a way out there hickory. I'm like no you have no idea. Well that being said how does a kid from grass valley get hooked on racing? And how do you make that work around your area that got you interested? The interesting story but So my dad was actually big into baseball. Nobody in my family was into really racing cars and stuff but you know it was about the extent of it So we He was passing through the channels on. Tv BY NASCAR. And I made him watch it. And at that time I was riding a four wheeler and a bike and I was wide fricking open on every single day. So clearly they were like okay Motorsports bachelor he likes to go fast. Yeah made him watch NASCAR every single weekend with my mom and my dad was like what the heck do you want to watch that for? Then it became our thing. We watch it every single Sunday and then you know they became do so it just became our our thing in a friend that I played baseball with On our little league teams My Dad was like the trophy ceremony. Like this is my my little Jeff Gordon. He likes baseball but love racing. And well it gets just so happened racist cycle AF speedway where kyle grew up racing. Both come out and check it out and that's how I got started. That is a really cool story. You move from from not much interest in the family to baseball and into racing after that and now here you are driving for the wood brothers. Does something like that kind of make you pinch yourself at times ago. I can't believe all this has happened all the time. Just a fan of the wood brothers that love studying the history you know the team in the in the sport and all their famous drivers.

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