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Like Roy Jones has been still doing this at the highest level of course not and show. Me No hung up the gloves. That's not for me to. Tell you. Is that Mike? Tyson is so far removed from whatever we saw from him. In the last time we saw him in a professional ring. That I don't know how you couldn't in good conscious Roy, Jones. You know the. Bought the sleeve listen. I don't. Want to be understood. What I'm talking about is betting okay, and in that sense I would put money on Mike. Put, my will say you telling me that. Roy Joel's. Arts the favorite, but. I think that there could be money to be made, so it's like a different set. Even fifty fifty m up putting nothing nobody like. Are you kidding me I. Don't know what to expect might could go in there. Break a hip. I have no idea where Jones can go in there. Breaking on. On great boy listen all I'm saying is when Jamaal Charles Journal Charles in Rosario, come in the ring I expect something from them at the highest level, because they are highest level caliber type fighters, but when Mike Tyson Roy Jones junior come back fifteen years after they were supposed to meet originally. Ain't GonNa Monday on. Monday on Roy. Thank I'm telling you just because of the way boxing works right. Obviously, we know all of those in just back to all staff is right and take active fighters. When you see people like Mohammed Ali the end of the career steal activism professional goes in there against like you know. People that you know. Give him like a boxing lesson. I and mind you. They will like young fresh like the young and French. Now holds those too old dudes right, but I've got to go with common sense that tells me that Roy. Should be the favorite because of. Age and time and physical. We don't talk about them back in one thousand, nine, hundred five. We talked about them now. Twenty twenty. Word Word or you're absolutely corral. How does a vibration play? CREA STAMINA STAMINA. I don't even know what. Slate is, it works on you. Call Right, what is that? They do have. A, no That and then he's got like an engine, Darren. He just shakes an. Adult around you and it's like. All you can do like different types of exercises with that, but it's supposed to work on new stability, and you call right so because it shakes up and then. Trying to just make so maybe you know muscle, endurance core endurance, but not stamina. Real quick super. High. Roy Favorite Mike Old. Added the were for Mike An old pie? Yell Hilarious Dot, a Hammy laughing for real. No, I get it Yo. Cause Mike, Dishonest contract in the blunt like your word is more in the fight he's on. He was taking a pool. Nice e he did. Solicit Melissa. I. Keep telling you. These people smoke weed in run marathons. LOOK DS calls are it's called size called. Insurance. A lot if you don't believe him, just check out that guy. Goodness Gibbs on water was. An Asia's is duty. Days off! By Tyson though. Who put it you putting people done do come on. Don't plan on. Your. Trying to win this argument, he liked Yo Nessin is narratives. Roy Ain't losing thirteen fights and the only guy knocked out once alright. Let's have a little a little game here Max. Alexander raise your hand if you know Max Alexander What about POW Golob you ski. Lazinski. The I know that more than check them before initial. So when you finally face somebody who amy Yoda fact that he got slept by Enzo Dat should be. Racing Guy, no, and so the Ferrara. Nobody. Was a I guess like a legit at least like British group. Goes away out yet. Point in his life but. I wish. I, wish? We Roy. Seidman and I was sad and that's when I decided. You know that's it. That's over I. Don't want to see him again. In those type of competitive, my trump now, those types of fantasies fights I'm gonNA. Watch because I'm like a fan. I'm Ramin of that all time, and I want to see those two legend doing an exhibition, but like I said when open it does nothing for the new generation, the new generation will just be looking at me and telling me. What are you talking about? Those two all do right. They just make me feel like I'm some kind of or gay. Why are you acting? Like Mike Tyson hit in the midst like old man. Me You mean safe to. Look at Mike Tyson and look up to his dad and be like Dad. Who is that monster? Grow Quick Brooklyn. We got super. I mean a counterpunch from Cyp You leak. Fool drug combat drug combat. BLUISH IT, out. Hey, I want to raise your hands if what's means. In any language any language Mexicans out there we got. We got the Africans. Tell me of once means always in any language ness. You're lost this man. Let's just move on. Enjoy the show. She robbed out. I mean okay. Say on a technical aspect I guess I was looking for that. This and they do me. You know better than most than the meats, and all that ill looks nice. It looks like and Mike Mike Has Years of like muscle memory, and I'll to eight. To hit those midst probably and make it sound nice. It's not you average. Goes hit. Mid. We were hate him dog. Every time we. Ever since it was show old, do come hat. You don't want them to come back because I, love them. You know because I love them you. WanNa Watch them. Yeah, you WANNA which snake? disrespected. That's will happen like that. That's what happened with us, not view. None of us will do that. We'll be reminiscing and will be happy by. We'll do a little bit like a move moved to the side with the head, was he? Did you see that? Whole Mike, he liked all my. Next. You'll be looking at as we talking about that. He almost broke his hip trying to. Asia. Him? You? Know what I mean and that's what it is. That's the reason why I. You know our watch it because I love this. In a way I don't want them to be in there with a fresh younger fighter. I'd rather them fight at this stage and give us that exhibition. That's nice. This a little bit of competitive. Much of they'll give us what we need. But Man Dan. Competitive. I think Mike Walks them down, Mike. Mike is a killer, and this is I. Fight Back! He got autumn interviews about under lights and having them know how to perform this. No way that he's going to sit there and play with Roy and let Roy last heroin no! Better walk as low as down and say you belong here. We got a super chat firms James Kelly..

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